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17 January 2007 @ 22:05
I haven't done one of these in ages and ages, but I couldn't resist...

And also, GIP.
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La Fahyette: [witb] scene of the crimefahye on 18th January 2007 05:35 (UTC)
I feel kind of guilty for staring at this for so long. This pairing brings out the British OH MY GOD WHAT! PUT THAT WOMAN'S NAKED SKIN AWAY! AWAAAAAY! in me.

That said, it's a tame manip :D But remarkably well done.
ljc: tony/carol otptaraljc on 19th January 2007 04:11 (UTC)
thanks! I'm tempted to try and do a full on snog, but I need to find the right reference... I got very very good at manipping kisses in SV fandom back before there were any canonical Chloe/Clark snogs, but it helps that there's loads and laods of shots of people snogging each other... so it's a matter of mixing and matching. But it all depends on finding good reference and matching lighting, and scaling correctly...