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29 April 2006 @ 00:19

and just because I was an idiot and spent half the night piecing together this image from about 4 diff images... (idiot because when I set about doing the collage for the bottom half of the cover, it turned out I didn't need the Gower at all. Tho I also removed a flying car that just looked weird stuck between the Doctor and Rose.)

(Note to the curious: whoever made this New Earth wallpaper? Got a touch sloppy (the hard edge next to Rose being the most obvious PhotoShop error). And I never did dig up the image he used of the Gower Peninsula, so I ended up finding a new one to splice in over the wallpaper, to hide Tennant's legs...)

story link:
Thine Own Self by calapine

All the covers thus far can be found in the cover index or on better with two.
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aesop's bat: why yes I do have a glasses kinkautophanous on 29th April 2006 06:14 (UTC)
um, hello.

you have no idea who I am! (references: the inimitable memlu & riddering). the former directed me here, as I am slowly being sucked into doctor who in various guises (four&nine).

"you would like taraljc!" says mem. "she is very nice!"

I trust mem's judgment and so am wondering if it would be okay if I friended you. :)
ljc: sly devil (ten)taraljc on 29th April 2006 12:37 (UTC)
heya! friend away! I'm slow to friend people back (mainly cos I'm already at 300+ and keep trying to cull the herd so that I don't spend 10 hours a day catching up on my flist) but I shall try to remain very nice.

Yay for being sucked in!