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02 April 2006 @ 23:22
Just an FYI, I've updated better with two with new wallpaper.

1680 x 1050 |

1680 x 1050 |
wyoluvrwyoluvr on 3rd April 2006 04:25 (UTC)
i am now reminded of queenofalostart's oft' shouted Everwood cry, "HANDS IN POCKETS! HANDS IN POCKETS!"

ljc: gosford parktaraljc on 3rd April 2006 04:31 (UTC)
it's every funnier when you've just watched Gosford Park 3 times, and every single time they show Henry Denton, he's got his hands in his pockets, and even while extending an invitation ot illicit sex, Lady Sylvia is all contempuously "You have your hands in your pockets you low class yet beautiful boytoy."
wyoluvrwyoluvr on 3rd April 2006 04:35 (UTC)
it's SO RIDICULOUSLY HOT. he (whoever, whatever, whenever) looks like he wants to just reach out and kiss the living daylights out of whoever he's looking at...but he can't so puts his hands in his pockets and yes. lovely.
ljc: omg (mary/parks)taraljc on 3rd April 2006 04:39 (UTC)
see, I just want Parks to bitchslap the hell out of him. Especially after he molests Mary.
wyoluvrwyoluvr on 3rd April 2006 04:45 (UTC)
well "he" was non-specific but OMG yes.

i think Parks would do terrible things to someone who hurt Mary. also, as i visit imdb, i am reminded that Kelly Macdonald is a wee little thing and a good foot shorter than Clive Owen.

ljc: omg (mary/parks)taraljc on 3rd April 2006 04:57 (UTC)
While capping that kiss for this icon, I was highly amused by his sweeping her into his arms and bending way over for to kiss her. For she is indeed wee ickle tiny.

I have lovely visions of Parks beating the living shit out of Henry Denton someday. Hopefully after he has left service and run into Henry slumming in London. and then he can go find Mary and they can get married and have babies.
wyoluvrwyoluvr on 3rd April 2006 05:01 (UTC)

that warm snuggly feeling coming from the east? that's ME, being all encouraging towards Parks and Mary having sex and babies and kicking Harry Denton in the stomach. a lot.

i mean, just think about the issues Parks would have with fatherhood. it's a smorgasbord of angst and pain and eventual h/c!
ljc: omg (mary/parks)taraljc on 3rd April 2006 05:11 (UTC)
*lol* I am thisclose to writing Parks/Mary. Also, have you watched the deleted scenes? Ivor Novello SO knows something funny is going on with Parks.
wyoluvrwyoluvr on 3rd April 2006 14:05 (UTC)
i haven't, but i may have to go rent it to get me through grading papers *g*