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08 February 2006 @ 09:31
Two more Doctor Who fanfic covers: one for me, and one for loneraven's girl_doctor universe.

At Last
Insomnia by loneraven

All the covers thus far can be found in the cover index or on better with two.
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Azar: Firefly - at the beginningazarsuerte on 9th February 2006 04:12 (UTC)
These are amazing. Where do you find the textures, et al?
ljc: came to leavetaraljc on 9th February 2006 07:34 (UTC)
images.google.com mostly--I have an abstract oil painting saved that I've used and reused, tweaking it all the time. I layer stuff on top of other stuff a lot, and play with filters. I'm a big fan of taking a picture and gaussian blurring it 50px, then adding noise and crass hatching and just generally mucking about with things in PhotoShop until I get what I want. And I still never did find the image I really wanted for "Insomnia." Which made me sad. But I lucked out when I found the WWII RAF hat.
Azar: Byers' kung foo is bestazarsuerte on 9th February 2006 07:46 (UTC)
I'll have to remember that. :-) Still...almost makes me wish I knew Doctor Who, so I could request one of these. ;-) Very nice. :-D