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02 February 2006 @ 13:34
Saved out the recent covers without text and logos. Please don't use for icons/layouts/etc (I know it shouldn't have to be said, but better safe than sorry)

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Kathryn A: blue-rose-beautykerravonsen on 2nd February 2006 20:14 (UTC)
Oooooh, pretty!
The Hobbit: DW Jo 2elen_ancalima on 2nd February 2006 20:33 (UTC)
Love the first and the last especially (love the birds) - but I mostly wanted to say that your icon is awesome!
ljc: one wordtaraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:52 (UTC)
I made it after CIN was transmitted and forget I have it all the time, so I use it sparingly.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: helena/valentine lovetaraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:54 (UTC)
*lol* not officially, tho who knows?

The 8th Doctor cover was for an OG challenge. I've actually only ever read one Eight story, so I don't know how all that well... But the challenge called for Eight, a natural setting liek a forest, a wild animal, and a ruined church, so I ended up sort of creating a "past doctor" range design on the fly (mainly by stealing a banner off the BBC site and recreating it).
Linz: 8thDoctor: the Last by iristigerlilywee_mango on 2nd February 2006 22:25 (UTC)
They're gorgeous, especially the 8th Doctor; wouldn't mind seeing more of him! ;) ♥ ♥ ♥

Good work!
ljc: bernard black lovetaraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:55 (UTC)
I am a bit out of the loop re: Eight, having only heard half of one audio, read one novella, and seen the TVM sort of one and a half times since it first aired. But I've always liked McGann.
Padawanpoohpadawanpooh on 2nd February 2006 22:35 (UTC)
I kow I've commented on your artwork before, but it really is *gorgeous*. I add my vote to the 8th Doctor cover being especially lovely - it's better than the most recent Big Finish cover with Eight with that hideous beard!!!
ljc: useful icontaraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:56 (UTC)
there's a beard? O_O Well, if they're trying to manip a beard onto a clean-shaven photo, my hat's off to them. That's *hard*.
Sarah: Ten - Fantasticsparklechick268 on 2nd February 2006 23:13 (UTC)
You've set such a high standard with these. I've already expressed how much I love them all, but I still have to say, They are all completely "FANTASTIC"!
i'm chris, not dustin (bella)accrues on 3rd February 2006 06:23 (UTC)
Can these b used by us? o.O for fic posts...
ljc: lick here (tennant)taraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:01 (UTC)
erm... I'd rather you didn't. They're made to go with the specific stories. sorry!
wemblee: my fandom has been co-opted by a corporawemblee on 3rd February 2006 09:18 (UTC)
Who's that on the right in the third row? Tasty.
i'm chris, not dustin (bella)accrues on 3rd February 2006 14:22 (UTC)
that's 8th ;)
wemblee: farscape icon by selluinlaerwemblee on 3rd February 2006 09:19 (UTC)
That one I just mentioned? It reminds me of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. The look, and the crows. Have you read it?
ljc: do not FUCK with metaraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:57 (UTC)
Re: P.S.
I have read it, just this fall actually. I hadn't even thought of it, but once I got the mental image of a raven in the snow in my head, there was no shaking it. Blame Bill Miller *lol*
skyglass_skyglass_ on 3rd February 2006 13:18 (UTC)
Gorgeous, as ever. Thank you for creating them. And If I may say, better than the new 10th book covers due soon.
ljc: lost (nine)taraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:59 (UTC)
yeah--the designes on the second 3 (Deviant Strain, Only Human, & Stealers of Dreams) were much better than the first 3 Tenth DOctor books--I'm not sure what happened there.
dave: best friendsthedorkygirl on 3rd February 2006 13:53 (UTC)
You make such marvelous covers -- far better than what we see in reality. I wish they'd take a hint from fandom, 'cause, guh. I especially like Seven with the question mark umbrella just showing. Makes it questionable and gives and air of mystery.
ljc: whovian snowglobetaraljc on 3rd February 2006 15:59 (UTC)
have you read nos' story? IT R TEH FAB.
SlightlyJillian: doctor who ~unitslightlyjillian on 3rd February 2006 15:21 (UTC)
The last one is breathtaking. I wouldn't have minded seeing more of Eight on screen, but pictures like that are worth a thousand words. :)

Beautiful job with the birds. I like how you chose to put one bird over the design and another underneath it. Subtle perspective. Nicely done colors as well.
(Anonymous) on 3rd February 2006 16:47 (UTC)
Beautiful. I love the fourth one too. :D
Calapinecalapine on 3rd February 2006 18:09 (UTC)
They really do surpass what the BBC's done with the design, and are certainly far more visually appealing than the Tenth Doctor ones.

And I adore the two Old Skool ones so very much. Gorgeous stuff. And the PMG one's so very haunting. Much love.