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31 January 2006 @ 21:41
Two more Doctor Who fanfic covers, one for me, and one for icebluenothing.

Sin of Omission
The Candle That Burns Brightest by icebluenothing

All the covers thus far can be found in the cover index or on better with two.
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ljc: sly devil (ten)taraljc on 1st February 2006 16:47 (UTC)
I feel guilty as hell for not really writing anything in months, but the covers have been a great way to relax and unwind after work (or distract msyelf from stuff I don't want to deal with, which technically is a BAD thing...). I haven't really done tons of fan art in ages. I used to make wallpaper all the time after work, to chill out. And I did a lot of manips in SV when I was doing he Chloe/Clark 'zines. But really my thing is, I'm better a mimicing existing stuff (like the Steadman covers) than I think I am at coming up with stuff all on my own. SO this has been perfect for me.
I Happen To Have No Dress In My Cabin: [drwho] home isn't home anymoresarah531 on 1st February 2006 18:55 (UTC)
*grins* Fanart is generally a good way to unwind, I reckon. (hence the hundreds of icons I grind out every month. ;) )
Kathryn A: Creationkerravonsen on 1st February 2006 20:52 (UTC)
Me likewise. Though I would say "handfuls" rather than "hundreds" of icons...