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31 January 2006 @ 21:41
Two more Doctor Who fanfic covers, one for me, and one for icebluenothing.

Sin of Omission
The Candle That Burns Brightest by icebluenothing

All the covers thus far can be found in the cover index or on better with two.
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The Hobbit: DW Rose reflectelen_ancalima on 1st February 2006 10:34 (UTC)
These are both awesome. I especially love the one for "The Candle That Burns Brightest".
ljc: whofictaraljc on 1st February 2006 16:43 (UTC)
It's now displaced "Off Guard" as my fave cover thus far. I keep tweaking it and adding elements. I wish I'd thought of the graphitti earlier--it's exactly what that composition needed, and I didn't think of it until this morning.