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24 January 2006 @ 17:40
So I made more Doctor Who fanfic covers for misscam and nostalgia_lj.

Song For Rose
Never a Choice
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The Rain King: awaycadhla on 24th January 2006 23:51 (UTC)
These are bloody brilliant.
SlightlyJillian: doctor who ~tens a bit prettyslightlyjillian on 24th January 2006 23:59 (UTC)
You're quite good at these!
ljc: dw_challengetaraljc on 25th January 2006 01:25 (UTC)
I've got a learning curve going, re: mimicing Steadman's pro designs. And I keep tweaking the old ones, as I figure new bits out (like tonight I deconstructed the BBC Books logo and realised it appears to be a combo of Century Gothic and Futura Bk BT).
teh nos'nostalgia_lj on 24th January 2006 23:59 (UTC)
*loves you*
Ravenloneraven on 25th January 2006 00:05 (UTC)
Oh, each one you do is prettier than the last.
Shinji_starshinji_star on 25th January 2006 00:09 (UTC)
The 'Matriarch' cover alone proves they could carry on the past Doctor books! These are fabulous!
bamferbamfer on 25th January 2006 00:10 (UTC)
I just *loooove* these covers! And excellent selection on "Never a Choice"-- that way we can have 9, 10 and Rose on the cover ;)

Also, didn't know about Nostalgia's 7th Doctor story (he was my favorite until RTD brought us 9 and 10), so thank you for that! *off to read*
bamferbamfer on 25th January 2006 00:13 (UTC)
Man, I just noticed that the 7th Doctor's watch looks an awful lot like the 9th Doctor's watch. Cool. I wonder if that was on purpose. I always liked that 9 wore a rather elegant watch. A Time Lord wearing a time piece, seems appropriate somehow.
菖蒲 · 鬼百合iristigerlily on 25th January 2006 00:19 (UTC)
*tears up at never a choice*

Brilliant, as usual. Er, where did you get the patterns in the backgrounds? Nice use of the Seal of Rassilon in Matriarch.
ljc: girl!doctor (jumper)taraljc on 25th January 2006 01:48 (UTC)
Some of the Gallifreyan swirlies have come from one of the CBC Doctor Who website's wallpapers, and others from a post from the fan art thread at OG. I know the seal is from a nifty keen website full of logos--I just can't find it at the mo.

As for individual design elements, I found the cat that I put on the sofa while I was doing girl!doctor manips this fall, and I used images.google.com to find the ashtray and the teacup, and then I digitally added the smoke from the cigarette. I've been mixing backgrounds at lot in the most recent batch. Sometimes I'll take part of an image and blow it up and play with it, and layer bits over other bits for colour and texture.
Sarah: Ten - Fantasticsparklechick268 on 25th January 2006 00:26 (UTC)
These are fantastic!
hobbit ・holmes: dw::rose::timeladyhobbit_hunter on 25th January 2006 00:54 (UTC)
Lovely! guh. What font do you use for the text for the title? You hath inspired me to make my own for personal squeeness lol.
ljc: girl!doctor (no bra)taraljc on 25th January 2006 01:24 (UTC)
Deviant Strain (and Deviant Plain) are the fonts the BBC licensed tie-in folks are using for all theri goodies. I think we can thank Lee Binding for for that and the hexagons... The official novel covers were designed by Henry Steadman, who seems to be employed by BBC Books.
Elke Tanzer: tardiselke_tanzer on 25th January 2006 00:57 (UTC)
My gosh, those are beautiful.
amandajaneamandajane5 on 25th January 2006 00:57 (UTC)
Ah! I need to make nevermind98 finish Ninth Doctor with me! Well, again for me! Because so much love!

*gives you another head massage*

Just for being awesome!
Sarah: pout 5lotus79 on 25th January 2006 02:41 (UTC)
Ooh, lovely! And Cam will squee, and I will be jealous some more, heh.
vilya_mariposavilya_mariposa on 25th January 2006 03:20 (UTC)
Oh these are superb.

*loses ability to talk or type*


I love the cover with seven.
khallandra on 25th January 2006 06:22 (UTC)
These are fanastic! Well done :) Very professional work.
juliejordan on 25th January 2006 06:50 (UTC)
I'll never get tired of these, they're genius. And they really want to make me read the stories, so they're great publicity for the fic authors too!
Not (quite) the British Susie Bright: Rose Happy Days by Neth_duganpinkdormouse on 25th January 2006 06:55 (UTC)
Excellent yet again.

Camilla Sandman: Alien Invasionmisscam on 25th January 2006 08:09 (UTC)

You're wonderful. Really. Thank you. They're both fab. Mind if I show them off a few places? (With credit, goes without saying.)
ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 25th January 2006 08:40 (UTC)
they're yours to pimp as you desire! I've been tweaking as I refine stuff, so feel free to link the files, as I replace old ones with new ones as I fix errors and tweak graphics...

Also, I hadn't read "Song for Rose" before and fell madly in love with it. It's really lovely.
Camilla Sandman: Kiss of a Time Lordmisscam on 25th January 2006 09:55 (UTC)
Neato. But I'll upload them to my own server when I stick them on my webpage. Shan't steal too much bandwith, after all.

:) Thank you.
canadian_kazzcanadian_kazz on 25th January 2006 08:25 (UTC)
Wow. These are so cool! I want one made for my fic, 'Come What May'! (But it's not posted on LJ yet...)
Sarah Colerny on 25th January 2006 21:39 (UTC)
*drops down dead at fantasticness of them* Seriously, these are amazing. I particularly like 'Never a Choice'.
The stories that go with them are also really good. I'm just so impressed.
How talented.
Dualbunny: Nine Time Lord - aderyndualbunny on 26th January 2006 05:08 (UTC)
These are just so *cool*. :D
skyglass_skyglass_ on 28th January 2006 12:20 (UTC)
Dear lord. If I screamed and begged, I'd never make anything as teh cool as this. Currently, my inner child is hopping up and down screaming in temper-tantrum mode. A little like that toddler you must have seen at the supermarket/mall/insert shop here who has flung himself onto the floor, screaming and bawling in an incoherent mass of noise. "BWAAAAwaaaant that one nowwwwww". Bright red. Legs and arms thrashing, windmilling on the ground.
You know the type.

These are seriously good.
fallenangeldead: hearts leepfallenangeldead on 30th January 2006 19:10 (UTC)
wow those are fantastic!