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LJC's fanfic covers index

So I re-made all my covers thus far, and so larakailyn and juliejordan? You may wanna grab 'em from here if you want to save them... I'll try and keep this post updated. Also, they're going in the fan art section at better with two.

zomg OLD SKOOL! (and OG challenge covers)

Blank covers (please do NOT cut up for icons, fanart, etc.)

Backgrounds(please do NOT cut up for icons, fanart, etc.)


my fic:
Ivory and Horn
Not A Busman's Holiday
Ten Seconds
A Little Piece of Home
Sin of Omission
At Last

other folks' fic:
Matriarch by nostalgia_lj
Song For Rose by misscam
Never a Choice by misscam
Fading Brightness by masline (index only)
Off Guard by larakailyn
The Candle That Burns Brightest by icebluenothing
Insomnia by loneraven
Notes on the Domestication of Birds by nostalgia_lj
Thine Own Self by calapine

I don't know if Tom Webster's finished and archived his story "The Train" yet, or where.
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