ljc (taraljc) wrote,

Dear yuletide santa:

I realise I am a freak show, and that you have your work cut out for you in terms of getting up to speed on my requested fandoms if they aren't one of your current active fandoms (and of the 4, only two are out on DVD and even those 2 only have a portion og the series currently available). Particularly as--even with yuletide being for "rare" fandoms--I tend toward the ridiculously obscure.

If you have no access to the source material, I do have fan sites for 3 of the four fandoms I have requested, which include character guides and episode guides to refresh your memory.

(yes, I know the link is to an error page--but that's cos I haven't revamped/updated the listing of sites actually at my domains...)

As for what sort of stories I like, I love characters. I love dialogue. I love plot. And in the 'ship category, I tend to lean more towards gen than 'ship, and more towards het than slash, but I read everything. So far as teh 'ship goes, I also am all about the UST and the lead-up and the foreplay and the tension, more so than teh hawt sex itself (and am fine with there being no hawt sex at all). And I will love whatever you give me, because it is a pressie, and everyone loves pressies.
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