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04 July 2005 @ 00:27
Times Like These  
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all related elements, characters and indicia copyright BBC 2005. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright BBC.

Please do not archive or distribute without author's permission.

Author's Note: Huge thanks to my betas, particularly Giglet, Raven, and cedara.

Times Like TheseCollapse )
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the sound of empires toppling: wrap your troubles in dreamsjacinthsong on 6th July 2005 08:50 (UTC)
Ah, they're all absolutely in-character and believable, and that really shows why the three of them have such a great dynamic. Lovely.
hand_me_downs on 6th July 2005 14:03 (UTC)
That was fantastic!
Emily-- Toppington von Monocle: fantastic [doctor who]sadcypress on 1st September 2005 14:19 (UTC)
I can't keep reading your fic and not leaving comments- this is excellent. Your characterizations are spot on, and you keep giving these lovely moments that ring absolutely true- thank you. :)
ljc: oh captaintaraljc on 1st September 2005 18:49 (UTC)
thanks so much for the kind words! I have really become so fond of these characters, and just couldn't let go of the idea that there was something of a scene missing (given the end of WWIII) addressing teh fact that Mickey asked the Doctor not to tell Rose. And it was a perfect excuse to examine Jack's role in the trio.
Ennui in Suburbia: Writingirreparable on 28th May 2006 23:10 (UTC)
Hi there,

I read all your Who fic, and I love it. I love the way you get the characterisation spot on, the way you paint an image with words. You have such a gift for writing. :) Soooo, I've issued an invite for you to join dwliterotica. We'd love it if you joined, posting fic. :) The invite link is here: http://www.livejournal.com/manage/invites.bml

gardendoorgardendoor on 20th September 2006 18:15 (UTC)
That was so lovely! Dead-on characterization. And you're right, that's exactly the role Jack plays, bridging the gap in those rare times when there's just too much of a difference between a Time Lord and a 21st century girl.