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04 July 2005 @ 00:27
Times Like These  
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all related elements, characters and indicia copyright BBC 2005. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright BBC.

Please do not archive or distribute without author's permission.

Author's Note: Huge thanks to my betas, particularly Giglet, Raven, and cedara.

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ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:03 (UTC)
This is one of the few post-ep codas I've written where I really did feel like something was missing from the resolutions of an ep, and of course, it took a month or so of dickering around with it until I was happy enough with it to post it...

You know me. Any excuse to include Danny, and I so will. Tho the Wonder Woman story is probably my fave Danny ref thus far, just for the mental image of Dru patiently explaining "Wonder Man" to an island full of amazons...
princessdoe on 4th July 2005 14:23 (UTC)
Finally, someone feels bad for poor Mickey! My heart broke for him during Boom Town, and this seems just how someone like Rose would feel once there was a moment to sit down and process it all. Outgrowing a relationship hurts.

"I suggested Danny Kaye—who was a great kisser, may I add—but she didn't even know who he was."

*blibbers and faints at picturing the Jack/Danny Kaye hotness*

ljc: ninetaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:05 (UTC)
I love Mickey to bits, but what he did to Rose wasn't 100 fair either--since he was the one who turned down the offer to join them, I think he's grown angry over the 6 months that it had to be join the group or be left behind, that Rose didn't feel he was worth staying for. Which is a hard truth to handle. Just as it would hurt Rose to know that Mickey didn't feel like she was worth leaving for. And then there's Jack, who is very pragmatic about Mickey's survival chances, ahd he actually come along...

Yay Danny yay. I ought to break out my 4 year old Danny icon for these replies, I swear...
Not (quite) the British Susie Bright: Rose Happy Days by Neth_duganpinkdormouse on 4th July 2005 16:18 (UTC)
Great ensemble piece there. Lovely affection between them too.

ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:13 (UTC)
I love the trio leik whoa. So glad you liked it!
Mireille: Doctor Who - OT3 (kataclysmic)mireille719 on 4th July 2005 16:37 (UTC)
Oh, I love this. How very like the Doctor to shoulder burdens that aren't really his. And Jack's a good guy, no matter how much he tries to hide it. And poor Rose--she feels *right* to me here; very nineteen, if that makes sense, with the not knowing whether she just wanted to be loved or whether she really wanted Mickey.

The Danny Kaye bits made me giggle (though I consider it heresy to pick that figure-skating movie over Danny Kaye *g*) and the ending was wonderful.
ljc: captain jacktaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:14 (UTC)
I love Rose, but she is VERY 19 eyars old, and I could completely see her falling apart a little bit over how she treated Mickey.
(no subject) - mireille719 on 5th July 2005 18:04 (UTC) (Expand)
Stormlesserstorm on 4th July 2005 16:42 (UTC)
This is brilliant. Beautifully in charater for all 3 of them. (Or 4 if you count Mickey)

Stupid to expect him to wait for me, after the way I treated him. I don't even know if I wanted him to wait for me... I just expected him to.

And that I think sums up the whole Mickey relationship from Rose's point of view.
ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:16 (UTC)
Thanks so much! I really loved exploring the dnamics between the trio in this one. And I really felt for Mickey in "Boom Town", even if he did turn the Doctor down in WWIII...
Just Jennelfgirljen on 4th July 2005 16:55 (UTC)
This fic was a nice tie up to Boomtown.

"I've got a lot of baggage, me. What's another handbag or two?" The Doctor forced a smile. "Don't you go fretting about me, Captain. I don't need looking after."

So true!
Will add to memnories as well
ljc: lost (doctor)taraljc on 5th July 2005 15:16 (UTC)
Thanks so much glad you enjoyed it!
The Space Viking: FanTASticashestothestars on 4th July 2005 17:54 (UTC)
Nice Fic. I'm watching BoomTown on my laptop right now as I read.
Also nice to see another person who appreciates Danny Kaye out there. :) Most people look at me like I have three heads when I mention his name.
Mrs. Premise: Fantastic!tundraeternal on 4th July 2005 21:24 (UTC)
Hey! I think you're using one of my icons (see above) and you've got it miscredited. The caps were by mylildementor, but i made the icon :D
(no subject) - ashestothestars on 4th July 2005 23:19 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - taraljc on 5th July 2005 15:17 (UTC) (Expand)
Bud-Clarebudclare on 4th July 2005 18:32 (UTC)
Eee! :)
ljctaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:19 (UTC)
Could use a little more cowbell: Doctor Who2thewhiteowl on 4th July 2005 18:58 (UTC)
Very nice. You have the relationship between the three of them down to a T. Jack never gives up, does he? :-P
ljc: captain jacktaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:20 (UTC)
I love the way they integrated Jack into the TARDIS crew, and I loved playing with his relationships with both Nine and Rose. He's such a good guy.
Mrs. Premise: rose/doctor hearttundraeternal on 4th July 2005 21:19 (UTC)
This is fantastic. You've got their voices down so well, all of them, that it's easy to read and hear. A genuine pleasure.

I'm not sure about the Doctor watching something going on in Rose's room, though, honestly. I mean, watching her and Mickey on the TARDIS screen was one thing, cause we know he's got some way of seeing what's going on outside on the viewscreen. But this seems like he's got a camera in her room or something, which hints vaguely of stalker.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous vignette. Really perfectly written.
ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 4th July 2005 22:14 (UTC)
I actually figure the TARDIS can project an image of any room on the console room screen (and I wouldn't put it past her to nudge the Doctor when she feels like it). But I went back and forth on the ending, and I've posted about it above. I may yet tweak the story a bit more, since folks are having such a strong reaction to the ending, to clarify it a bit more. Basically, my thought was that the Doctor believes in this instance he can't go to Rose, but he is still worried about her.
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Red Scharlach: borgesredscharlach on 4th July 2005 22:51 (UTC)
A really lovely, thoughtful character piece. You seem to have a knack of hitting all the right notes and making them all chime together with apparent effortlessness. Applause!
ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:21 (UTC)
Trust me, lotta effort ivolved *lol* I think I worked on this for weeks before I got it to the point where it felt like it was actually working even the slightest bit. But I do so love the trio, and how they interact. And after "Boom Town" aired, I just felt like the ending of WWIII needed addressing. Plus I love playing with Jack's relationships with Nine and Rose.
LauraB1: Doctor/Rose/Jacklaurab1 on 5th July 2005 12:05 (UTC)
I love this. They're all spot-on. Wonderful!
ljc: nine/rose kisstaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:22 (UTC)
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: doctor wanktaraljc on 5th July 2005 15:43 (UTC)
I loves Danny Kaye to bits and pieces. And he is a good kisser! Him and Glynnis Johns in the stable with the rain and the baby in The Court Jester? WHOA. And with a wife like Sylvia Fine, can you blame him for preferring Olivier?
cornfieldscornfields on 5th July 2005 19:04 (UTC)
Wonderful coda! I liked this very much. :)
Circe: personal - reginacacti - circecirce_tigana on 5th July 2005 22:46 (UTC)
You know, while this was a fabulous rose&jack story, the doctor was so in character here, that's what really strikes me. Awesome. An episode coda that feels like I've been waiting forever to read it.

Thank you, Tara, for writing such lovely stories in this fandom.