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01 June 2005 @ 22:43
Not a Busman's Holiday  
Written for snowballjane for the Ninth Doctor Ficathon. I apologise in advance for the period and setting—I cheated horribly, and I know it. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. And I'll try and do better next time. Beta'd by queenofalostart, doyle_sb4, and giglet each of whom did her very best to make it not suck, for which I am grateful.

This is set after "World War III" however, no real series spoilers.

Not a Busman's HolidayCollapse )
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Various Things: Geishafred_god_of on 27th May 2006 03:45 (UTC)
Excellent, utterly captures the Doctor's love of us, and the idea of a floating city is always magical.

And I sympathise with Rose about the Blackcurrant Jam, or really Blackcurrant anything in America. I've planted my own bushes and at the moment I'm still running off the packet of Blackcurrant Tea that I got on my last trip but dammit I miss the jam.
Have Fun Storming the Castle!trippypeas on 13th April 2007 06:43 (UTC)
iloved this..it was so sweet