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23 May 2005 @ 23:40
Odd Man Out  
Okay, this is for doylefan22--a belated birthday present. She wanted voyeur!Jack spying on the Doctor and Rose, and erm... that's what she gets. Cos everybody ought to get what they want at least once, for their birthday. And I got to write something I prolly never would have written otherwise, which was fun as well (but don't tell anyone, or I will never ever live it down.)

This is pretty much NC-17, and has slight spoilers for The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. It would suck beyond the telling of it without my betas. *snuggles her comrades in arms and hands out mimosas*. Extra special hugs to nostalgia_lj for hand-holding.

Odd Man Out

The sound of raised voices in the TARDIS console room drifted down the hallway, stopping Jack in his tracks.

"Don't flatter yourself," the Doctor was saying as Jack crept along the wall, rubber-soled shoes soundless on the TARDIS floor. He edged forward until he could peer into the console room. He could see the back of Rose's head, and the Doctor's profile. He was about to enter the room when the Doctor leaned forward, waggling a finger in Rose's face.

"I am not jealous," he went on to say and Jack immediately took a step back into the hallway and pressed himself up against the coral-like wall.

"You are. You're positively green." Jack didn't need to see Rose's face to imagine what it would look like. "You weren't jealous with Adam—"

Adam? Jack mouthed to himself, wondering just how many "companions" these two'd had.

"It was Adam," the Doctor said dismissively. "And this doesn't say much for your taste in men—Rickey the Useless, Adam the Prat, and now Biggles, with his really white teeth and matinee idol hair. We'll be lucky if he doesn't try and auction the TARDIS off on eBay."

Jack's spine straightened reflexively, despite the fact that he wasn't sure what a "Biggles" was. Or, for that matter, an ebay.

"Oh yeah. Not jealous at all." Rose's tone was smug, and Jack rolled his eyes. The girl obviously had to learn a lot about seduction techniques. Now, if he was seducing the Doctor... well, there would be a lot more flattery, for one thing. Sweet words, a nice bottle of wine, maybe a little fondling...

Jack smiled happily to himself at the mental image.

"I am not jealous!" The Doctor repeated. "I'm just appalled at your taste in boyfriends."

"Well I picked you, didn't I?" she snapped, and Jack risked a look. He could see them on the other side of a support strut, completely oblivious to his presence, but close enough that he could see both of them in profile.

"Excuse me? Who exactly asked whom to come travelling with them again?"

Rose poked the Doctor in the chest with a stiff finger. "And who exactly said yes, eh?"

"Oh, don't try to re-write history to cosy up to me now."

"What do you mean, re-write history?"

The Doctor folded his arms, learning against the console and frowning. "You didn't come with me 'cause you fancy me."

"Well, maybe not so much when you blew up me job, and trashed my flat—" Rose ticked things off on her fingers.

"I was saving you from a disembodied arm!"

"You handed me the stupid arm in the first place! And you made it perfectly clear you didn't fancy me—"


"How 'bout when you were hanging all over Jabe like moss on a rock?"

"You told me to go pollinate!"

"I'd only known you for twenty-four hours! What did you expect, a table-ender? What kind of a girl did you think I was?" Rose's voice was shrill now, and Jack bit back a chuckle, mainly due to his own first impression of Miss Tyler, after she'd passed out and ended up in his bed.

"The kind who'd go off with some bloke she's only just met, for one," the Doctor pointed out in a singsong tone, "and the kind who'll fall for nice teeth and hair, apparently—"

"Who says I'm falling for him?" Rose snapped, defensive.

Jack smiled to himself. Obviously, he still had it. He'd wondered, particularly after he'd read the slightly psychic paper when Rose had handed it back to him, and bluffed his way through a charming answer that had made her blush and wasn't exactly entirely completely truthful.

"Rose, I'm not blind."

Rose sighed, and Jack could see the anger slowly draining out of her with the breath. "He flirts with me. He looks at me and makes me feel... I dunno." She shrugged, blonde hair falling into her eyes as she stared at her shoes. "Sexy. Pretty. Not so much like a stupid ape tagalong—"

The Doctor's jaw dropped. "I never said—"

"But it's just flirting, you git." She smacked him leather-clad shoulder affectionately. "Never any harm in flirting. It's just a game."

Jack's smile faded. Well, that wasn't quite what he wanted to hear. Then again, what was that ancient proverb? Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves. Somehow, learning Rose considered him nothing more than a game hurt much more than the Doctor dismissing him as nothing more than teeth and hair.

"You don't..." the Doctor began and then stopped, and Jack peered around the wall to see him staring at the floor, a muscle working in his jaw.

"That's 'cause I don't play games with you," Rose said softly, laying a hand on his arm. From his vantage point, Jack could see she was suddenly shy and he imagined her blushing beneath the green glow of the screens, as if she'd suddenly realised what she'd said.

"I'd better go see he hasn't gotten lost—" she tried to slide past him, but the Doctor caught her arm, steering her in a circle until she was pressed back against the edge of the time ship's hexagonal console.

"Biggles can find his own way around. We're not finished, here." Jack watched, transfixed as the Doctor reached up to touch the side of her face, long fingers trailing over her cheek before he buried the hand in her hair. "You are sexy."

"For a human?" she said softly, pink tongue darting out to moisten her lips. "For a boneheaded stupid ape that's only barely crawled out of the muck?"

"You are pretty," the Doctor said slowly and deliberately. "You are sexy. You're not a tagalong. And I am jealous."

Rose grinned. "I knew—"

The Doctor stopped her gloating with a kiss and Rose went very, very still.

Jack was guessing that this was the first time this had happened—partly by the Doctor's hesitancy, and partly by the way Rose's eyes were wide and her hands hovered in midair before coming to settle on his chest and her eyes drifted closed. As she relaxed, the Doctor's technique, Jack noted, definitely improved.

What began with some uncertainty as to where noses went, and awkwardness as the Doctor bent over her as she got up on tiptoes to compensate for the difference in their heights, changed as Jack watched. Tentative gave way to confident. Sweetness began to be lost in the shadow of hunger and need.

Jack knew he was intruding on something intensely private—a first kiss, an admission he had no part of, a relationship he had no place in. If he were a gentleman, that would have been his cue to depart.

Jack had never been much of a gentleman.

He felt too warm, suddenly, in his wool RAF jacket as he imagined what those lips—either pair, or better yet, both—would feel like against his skin. Watched, frozen, unable to move as Rose's hands crept up the Doctor's shoulders, fingers clutching at the dark leather of his jacket as one jean-clad leg pressed between her thighs. The Doctor's mouth swallowed her gasp as they began to move against one another. He could see that pink tongue again now as her mouth opened beneath his and the Doctor wrapped her blonde hair around his hand, trying to pull her even closer.

From his hiding place, Jack bit his lip to hold back a moan as Rose made a hungry sound in the back of her throat and hooked one leg up around the Doctor's waist, the heel of her foot rubbing the back of his thigh rhythmically. The Doctor's hand slid down her side to the underside of her thigh and hitched her leg up higher on his hip. Breaking the kiss, he released her hair and effortlessly lifted her up so she was resting on the sloping TARDIS console, the Doctor's body pressed against hers the only thing keeping her from sliding off.

Her other leg came up to wrap both around him, her knees hidden beneath his leather jacket. The Doctor's arm went around her waist, fingers pressed against her spine, following it down to where her jeans gaped slightly—just enough for long, slender fingers to slip down that extra inch.

Jack's mouth went completely dry, hair on the back of his neck prickling as he imagined how that would feel—the rough pads of the Doctor's fingers pressed just below his tailbone. Or Rose's hand, warmer, smaller, and probably clever.

Rose pulled the Doctor back to her mouth, her fingers with their blunt nails covered in chipped polish sliding through his short-cropped dark hair. Her hands slid down and disappeared beneath the jacket, and Jack imagined her tugging the hem of the lambswool jumper up so she could run her palms over his sides, trace his ribs and dig her nails into his back as she rubbed against him through two sets of jeans.

Jack had a very, very good imagination. And he was no stranger to the wonders of friction.

The Doctor's mouth travelled from hers to her jaw, and then slid down her neck even as his other hand came up to trace the curve of her ear, cupping her cheek in his hand while his thumb ran over her parted lips. Jack could hear her breath hitch, even from across the room, with each languid movement of the Doctor's body, sliding against hers. Feel his cock straining against his uniform trousers as Rose sucked on the Doctor's thumb, her back arching as the Doctor's lips, tongue, and teeth found the tender spot where her neck met her collarbone.

"Oh, God," she breathed as the Doctor's wet thumb traced a path down her chin and the hand came to rest on the swell of one breast. "Oh God!" she repeated, tensing as he brushed the thumb over her nipple through the thin cotton tee-shirt. Her legs tightened around his hips as he cupped the breast in his hand, squeeze the nipple between two fingers. Her hands slipped from beneath the open leather jacket and she braced herself on the console, head suddenly thrown back and mouth open as she drew in a shuddering breath.

Even hidden by the open jacket, Jack had a fairly good idea where the Doctor's other hand had gone.

Jack's own hand had, ever so slowly, moved to the front of his trousers, matching the rhythm of his strokes to the movements of Doctor's hand as it pressed against the crotch of Rose's jeans. The sound of the teeth of the zipper as the Doctor finally lowered it was impossibly loud in Jack's ears. He caught the briefest glimpse of white panties before the Doctor slid fingers inside the waistband and Rose made a low keening sound in the back of her throat. The Doctor's response, almost lost in her hair, was no word Jack knew in any language—if indeed it was a word at all, and not simply a sound of pure pleasure.

Jack leaned back against the wall, needing the support as his eyes drifted shut for a second, heat sliding through him as the sounds coming from the console room drifted to his hiding place. Ragged breathing, whispers he couldn't hear but felt as each of Rose's breaths were punctuated with soft, high-pitched cries at each stroke. Jack opened his eyes enough to see her hips lifting to meet the Doctor's hand, her cheeks red and sweat sliding down the side of her neck and plastering wisps of blonde hair to her forehead as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut and clutched at his shoulders.

The Doctor buried his face in her hair as the pace of his strokes quickened, and Rose turned her face to kiss him. Jack could see her sucking hard on the Doctor's bottom lip as she began to tremble. The Doctor's movements became jerkier, and Jack could see trickles of sweat run down the back of his neck where the collar of the jacket rested inches below his dark hair. Her hands gripped either side of his head, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth as her kisses became hungrier and hungrier.

"Rose..." the Doctor murmured against her mouth, over and over again until she burned her face in his neck, going limp against him with a strangled cry.

Jack bit the inside of his cheek to keep from signalling his presence with a cry of his own as his hand stilled and he leaned against the wall, gasping. As much as he wanted to stay for what would undoubtedly happen next, he was suddenly very much needing to know if the TARDIS had a laundry.

With a silent sigh, he padded away from the console room, smiling.

He'd definitely picked the right marks to scam for a ride.

Maybe next time, with the right motivation, they'd let him in on the fun.
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Fearless Diva: dw gleefearlessdiva on 24th May 2005 05:10 (UTC)
Teh hawt! Most people's take on this scenario has been leaving me a bit cold for some reason, even though I'm usually all about the voyeurism - perhaps it's just the fact that I'm not really feeling the Jack-love yet. This pushed all my buttons, though, for which I thank you most heartily. I think what made it work for me most was the fact that the sex that Jack was watching wasn't just sex, it was character development and relationship development between the Doctor and Rose, which gave everything just the edge and tension that it needed.

Very well done!
ljc: teh hawt sex (doctor/rose)taraljc on 24th May 2005 16:35 (UTC)
Thank you so much for the feedback--I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I hardly ever write explicit sexy stuff so I've been a bit on the nervous side *lol*. I'll probably be made canon-fodder by Saturday, but I am digging Jack in terms of the potential wrinkle he adds to the Doctor & Rose's relationship. And I'm totally speculating that he has been trying to scam a ride all along...
Bud-Clarebudclare on 24th May 2005 05:40 (UTC)
Wow. Good smut.
ljc: objects in mirrortaraljc on 24th May 2005 16:37 (UTC)
*blush* thanks!
(no subject) - doylefan22 on 24th May 2005 10:51 (UTC) (Expand)
ljc: teh hawt sex (doctor/rose)taraljc on 24th May 2005 16:50 (UTC)
I have massive case of nerves mainly cos, having been so vocal so recently about not really liking PWPs much at all, and despairing of the sheer volume of first-kiss-leads-to-sex-on-console-room-floor ones in Nine/Rose fandom, I was and am incredibly nervous about posting one for fear it a) would be crap and I would utterly embarass myself and b) I would be tarred and feathered for not practicing what I preach by both the smut fans and the anti-smut fans. And as I am a coward at heart, I figured posting it in my LJ was safe, and would give me change to gather courage before posting ti at t&c and opening self up to possibility of both a) and b).

But the fact is, even though had I been writing this for myself I would have stopped at the first kiss, the fact that I was writing it for you (a writer whose work I really enjoy, and wanted to pay back with a pressie) gave me the opportunity to sit down and go "All right, if we're gonna do this, then we're gonna go all in, and try and make it as sexy as we can, but still make it recognisibly these people doing this, so how do we think the Doctor and Rose and Jack would do this, if they were actually going to do this..." and the freedom to engage in some very fun fantasy I wouldn't have done otehrwise for the 2 days worth of writing, revising, and driving my betas up a wall with new drafts...

And for that, I thank you, because I really had a blast writing it. I don't know if I'll ever do it again (tho I never say never) but I am glad I did it.
Mireille: a little Captain in you?mireille719 on 24th May 2005 12:46 (UTC)
You already know what I think of this--the new last line is better than the original, even, but I thought I'd repeat it. You took what could have been a very trite scenario and managed to bring it to life. The argument is wonderful, and it never degenerates into generic smut--it's always the Doctor and Rose, not some cardboard cutouts. (And it's always Jack--at least from what we know of him so far--watching, not a generic character.)

ljc: doctor wanktaraljc on 24th May 2005 16:51 (UTC)
*hugs you so tight some of your stuffing squeezes out* thank you so much for helping me along with this the last few days, and I'm so glad you liked it.
Mireillemireille719 on 25th May 2005 01:46 (UTC)
*hugs back* Any time.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: TARDIS callingtaraljc on 24th May 2005 16:53 (UTC)
zomg you have to see new doctor who. it is so shiny.

*hugs you*
Cedara: Doctor_Who:craving_blondescedara on 24th May 2005 13:02 (UTC)
This works very well - and nicely smutty. :-)
ljc: lost (doctor)taraljc on 24th May 2005 16:53 (UTC)
The Fabulous Rennrenn on 24th May 2005 14:16 (UTC)
*fans self* Oh goodness!

(And the line about selling the TARDIS on eBay was priceless, too!)
ljc: i'm okaytaraljc on 24th May 2005 16:55 (UTC)
I didn't rememebr to add the part about Jack not knowing what an ebay was til just before I posted it. Spock and Biggles I knew he wouldn't know. ebay was a "Oh yeah... duh." and I lvoe the idea that the Doctor does know all these cultureal references cos he's eneamoured of Earth and genuinely likes humans.

Thanks so much for letting me tag along last night! I have a feeling I will scares the Old Skool boyz muchly next week. Which might be fun!
cornfieldscornfields on 24th May 2005 14:40 (UTC)
You already know my reaction: *loves*

Very sweet, just the right amount of smut, and handled very sensitively via Jack's POV. Even that rascal seems to appreciate that this is an important moment between Nine/Rose. I hope you do decide to post this to T&C eventually. It's too good to keep to all to ourselves.
ljc: doctor wanktaraljc on 24th May 2005 16:32 (UTC)
I may post to t&c Saturday, I'm still waffly...
Bud-Clarebudclare on 24th May 2005 18:12 (UTC)
*snerk* But I'll be there Saturday to egg you on. You are DOOMED.
ljctaraljc on 25th May 2005 02:05 (UTC)
I took the plunge, and doyle is talking me down off the ledge now.... You egt to watch me attempt to finish first draft of ficathon story on Saturday :) I may abandon you Friday to go to work, but I will leave you Odyssey 5 in my absence... Will that be all right?

Also my home phone is currently, erm... turned off. But I'll try and get it up and connected again before you get here.
Bud-Clarebudclare on 25th May 2005 21:11 (UTC)
Abandonment is perfectly fine. Between your books and tapes and my laptop, I think that I can entertain myself. :)

Other than calling my mother at some point to let her know that I'm alive (which I can do from a payphone if I have to), I don't much care about the phone, so no worries.

Which ficathon is it? (I'm so glad that my only ficathon assignment isn't due until the end of July.)
ljctaraljc on 25th May 2005 21:16 (UTC)
Doctor Who. Only ficathon currently on my plate, tho I still need to decide which of my old stories I'm going to re-write for yahtzee's Make it Right challenge.

You can sue my cell to call your mum, no worries. I'm still hoping to get phone thing resolved--it's just a matter of moving money around.
Lara: doctor/rose kinkylarakailyn on 24th May 2005 17:02 (UTC)
Woo. I'm going to fan myself a bit and then say, well done. This has definitely been my favorite of all the voyeur fics that came from that request. Very hot, and I love the way you led into it. I also quite liked the difference Rose delineated between her flirting with Jack and her not playing games with the Doctor.

Jack's reactions were really good too. Very realistic.
ljc: lost (doctor)taraljc on 25th May 2005 01:55 (UTC)
yay! I have been basket case over this fic (and finally got up courage to post it to t&c), but am really so pleased people have liked it. Jack's characterisation is all due to giglet poking me with sticks to make him better, so I owe her for that completely.
HawkMoth: plotisgoodhawkmoth on 24th May 2005 17:24 (UTC)
Girl, you are teh evil.

And you know I love you for it!

(So--I'm dying to know more about Captain Jack. Don't wanna wait till CBC catches up to know.)
ljctaraljc on 25th May 2005 01:58 (UTC)
I liek Jack thus far. Ask me again on Sunday... Answer might change. But Barrowman seems like a big geeky fanboy and tons of fun, from Confidential. So looking forward to 2nd half of 2-parter.
Calapinecalapine on 24th May 2005 17:35 (UTC)
Curse you!


I feel like I've horribly betrayed self in liking this oh-so-much. Hrrm. It must be Jack, yes, Jack has been written terribly well, from what we know of him, and I was tricksied by the wonderful banter at the start. *nods*
ljctaraljc on 25th May 2005 01:59 (UTC)
I am addicted to banter. And I am urely speculating on Jack at this point. I'll prolly be blown out of water on Saturday.
Genevieve: doctor and rose by stevie janemsgenevieve on 10th June 2005 09:52 (UTC)
Holy quivering lust, Batman.

I'm torn between squeeing over the gorgeousness that you've given us and feeling cheated because OMIGODYOUCAN'TSTOPTHEREPLZRITEMORE!

ljc: TARDIS callingtaraljc on 15th June 2005 02:00 (UTC)
glad you liked it! I don't know if I'll ever venture into blue territory much--this was written as a gift, and I was hella shy about posting it... I don't know if I'd ever write more Whovian smut on my own. But it's so nice to know my first effort was effective *g*