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24 April 2005 @ 23:05
Ten Seconds  
Just something I couldn't resist playing with... (spoilers for World War Three)

Ten SecondsCollapse )
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Mireille: Doctor Who - holding handsmireille719 on 26th April 2005 01:39 (UTC)
Just wonderful. Every word of it rings absolutely true, and I love the Doctor even more for it--even if he's manipulating Rose by holding the whole universe out to her. Maybe because he is, because he needs to.

This was perfect.
ljc: lost (doctor)taraljc on 27th April 2005 01:50 (UTC)
I was just going off what we were given--I am so blown away by the tag, it just seemed a natural extrapolation of the text.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: lost (doctor)taraljc on 27th April 2005 01:51 (UTC)
thanks so much. I was just blown away by the tag, it seemed to be the thing to do.
Pyraseraphina_pyra on 26th April 2005 14:02 (UTC)
*sniffle* This is brilliant.
ljc: lost (doctor)taraljc on 27th April 2005 01:52 (UTC)
thanks sweetie :)
cosyteacosytea on 27th April 2005 18:48 (UTC)
Really, really lovely. I hate it when fanfics overstate the angst, and give the characters all this overt emotion which they don't possess. You've managed to get the balance spot on - just enough emotion without overplaying it.

"He knew she'd spend the rest of her life, counting the seconds.

An entire life measured in ten second intervals."

*Hugs this bit*
ljc: not allowed to be happytaraljc on 29th April 2005 04:46 (UTC)
*Hugs this bit*

that bit IS the story, for me. Well, that and torture inflicted out of love.
harmonyfb: Glee by deralteharmonyfb on 28th April 2005 20:53 (UTC)
Tara, very nice. :)
ljc: doctor wanktaraljc on 29th April 2005 04:47 (UTC)
i fear Four's teeth so much.

*runs away*

glad you like!
incandescensincandescens on 13th June 2005 12:18 (UTC)
That was really effective. Thank you!

(I feel for Jackie. She's a real person. A brash, annoying person, but a real person, who . . . well, as you say. She knew Rose wouldn't be back in ten seconds. She can only hope, now.)
ljc: TARDIS callingtaraljc on 15th June 2005 01:57 (UTC)
thanks so much for the kind feedback--I'm very fond of Jackie as well. Both she and Mickey had really earned a place in my heart as the characters have developed. I felt for her so much in "WWIII" because I could tell Rose didn't Get It, but the Doctor SO did.
incandescensincandescens on 15th June 2005 21:06 (UTC)
(nods) And it's not that this sort of cost to the friends/family of the Doctor's companions hasn't existed before, it's just that the series didn't really consider showing it before. And now they are.