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31 December 2004 @ 20:05
yuletide recs ahoy!

So Out of Sync (Jem)
Stormer! Stormer/Riot! Femmeslash! It's like I've died and gone to ink and paint smut heaven.

Jingle Bell Rock (Jem)
Yet more Stormer! Faboo Kimber POV, snarky passive agressive hate for Jem, AND Pizzazz has some laugh-out-loud funny lines. And di I mention the Kimber/Stormer goodness? Mmmmm. tasty.

Coming in Hot (BSG03)
Apollo/Starbuck! Hurrah Have I mentioned the part where kara Thrace is turning me gay? have I? This ficlet NAILS her (get your mind out the the gutter--I mean her characterisation)

Still Life (DLM)
After this last season, I wasn't sure Mason/George would ever work for me again, in light of all the Mason/Daisy. Wow, was I wrong. Also, Kiffany! *squee*

Sandtrout (Children of Dune mini-series)
*shivers* so creepy, so right, such a lvoely hint of crazy (preborn) space incest. Makes me wanna break out my DVDs and watch it yet again.

Tomorrow Morning (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
oooooh, Franky! And Dex!

Filling the Silence (Disney's The Little Mermaid)
Now I remember why I had that crush on Chris Barnes. Lovely, lovely Eric/Ariel UST. There ought to be mroe Disney fic out there--tho I know Gargoyles and Aladdin (TV) fandoms had loads back in the 1990s, where did eveybody go? Must. have. more.
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(Anonymous) on 1st January 2005 02:43 (UTC)
Ironically enough, you rec'ed both the Yuletide story written for me and one I wrote, which makes me happy. Also! A Franky/Dex story I missed! Thanks. ;)

(I want to read the Jem ones, but frankly, after rewatching the first five episodes again, I'm a little afraid too. It's just so camp.)
ljc: the sweet 1taraljc on 1st January 2005 05:51 (UTC)
Woo! I'm psychic!

(well, or just, you know--lucky)

As for Jem... The camp is part of the fun! I think the show really hit its stride in second season. That original "Super Sunday" anthology show wasn't nearly as good as many fo the later eps. But yes, it's not exactly high art, and it can be so. incredibly. pink. But if you dig femmeslash, and Stormer in particular, they are definitely worth reading.
Angie: Grow Up - meshortcakegreen on 1st January 2005 02:43 (UTC)
Hello, there! Hope you don't mind me adding you. But after the Hellblazer comment in Yuletide and then seeing that we share so very many favorites in literature and music and television, I couldn't resist. Besides, I'm a sucker for anyone who actually remembers vr.5 and knows Boiled In Lead.
ljc: the sweet 1taraljc on 1st January 2005 05:44 (UTC)
add away! I miss BiL so damn much. I've never once made it up to Minneapolis for one of the First Ave. St. Paddy's shows, and they've stopped touring! Tho i read in Ellen Kushner's LJ that Joe Kessler appeared at a signing with her (and that he continues to be in the Klingon Klezmer band). *hugs you fiercely*
Angie: mata hari - meshortcakegreen on 1st January 2005 07:37 (UTC)
I've never seen them either, sigh. I bet they were fantastic, too. I actually just got Alloy for Christmas and I regularly force them on friends. Thank heavens, my friends are accomodating. *grins*

And why the hell does -everything- interesting seem to happen in Minneapolis? Lo, the land that held some of my fave bands -and- writers.
ljc: lost (labyrinth)taraljc on 1st January 2005 20:53 (UTC)
never not once? *sympathetic hugs* They are AMAZING live. I love "Rasputin" live desperately. I saw them twice in Albq. while in college (blame unca neil and Steve Brust) and then twice in Chicago I think, before they stopped toruing. Tho Robin did drum jam at Bristol the first few years I worked the show, and I met Todd Menton at Minn. Renfest one year. I sued to be on leadheads, but that was eons ago...
ljc: pixie dusttaraljc on 1st January 2005 20:55 (UTC)
oh! and my theory re: the relative creativity of Minnasotans?

Long cold winters, during which there is nothing else to do BUT write and compose music and hang out with other Scribblies.
Angie: Snark - Dorashortcakegreen on 2nd January 2005 03:01 (UTC)
You know, I think you may just be write. Heaven knows you don't want to leave the shelter of good company, warmth, and (possibly) good Irish coffee when going outside could equate to losing the fingers by which you earn your living.

*sighs* Yes. When I found BiL, I was young and poor and thoroughly uninteresting. Not that I'm more interesting now but, hey, I'll drive far too see beloved bands in tiny dive bars where the smoke-levels blind you to basic sensory feed-back.
ljc: the sweet 1taraljc on 2nd January 2005 03:18 (UTC)
Well, I'd offer to drive us both to the First Ave. show this March...

Except for the part where I kinda sorta don't actually know how to drive a car.

Angie: My Turn - meshortcakegreen on 2nd January 2005 05:07 (UTC)
Except for the part where I kinda sorta don't actually know how to drive a car.

And except for the part where there are a few intervening states for that sort of thing. Heh, ironic since I do drive so willingly but I think that's a wee bit far even for me to manage. Sigh. I'll just have to listen to my CDs extra-loud.
Bruce d.b.a. Jamesir Bensonmumbktheirregular on 1st January 2005 19:31 (UTC)
Cool recs! Haven't read them all, but things like the BSG, Sky Captain and such look good!

(As an aside, about that icon: is that a photoshopped Vargas?)
ljc: not innocenttaraljc on 1st January 2005 20:56 (UTC)
it is, indeed! here's the manip and here's the original.