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yuletide recs ahoy!

So Out of Sync (Jem)
Stormer! Stormer/Riot! Femmeslash! It's like I've died and gone to ink and paint smut heaven.

Jingle Bell Rock (Jem)
Yet more Stormer! Faboo Kimber POV, snarky passive agressive hate for Jem, AND Pizzazz has some laugh-out-loud funny lines. And di I mention the Kimber/Stormer goodness? Mmmmm. tasty.

Coming in Hot (BSG03)
Apollo/Starbuck! Hurrah Have I mentioned the part where kara Thrace is turning me gay? have I? This ficlet NAILS her (get your mind out the the gutter--I mean her characterisation)

Still Life (DLM)
After this last season, I wasn't sure Mason/George would ever work for me again, in light of all the Mason/Daisy. Wow, was I wrong. Also, Kiffany! *squee*

Sandtrout (Children of Dune mini-series)
*shivers* so creepy, so right, such a lvoely hint of crazy (preborn) space incest. Makes me wanna break out my DVDs and watch it yet again.

Tomorrow Morning (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
oooooh, Franky! And Dex!

Filling the Silence (Disney's The Little Mermaid)
Now I remember why I had that crush on Chris Barnes. Lovely, lovely Eric/Ariel UST. There ought to be mroe Disney fic out there--tho I know Gargoyles and Aladdin (TV) fandoms had loads back in the 1990s, where did eveybody go? Must. have. more.
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