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25 October 2004 @ 18:42
So, you may have noticed, I've redone my Stormer icon (replacing the one I've had for 2 years and hardly had a chance to use until lately).

I actually went on a bit of a spree after doing the graphics for the MSX article in September, and thought I'd share.

(xica_s? Girl, I know you want one. Don't you lie to me.)

icons up for grabs! (want? claim in comments. have.)

ETA: Please remember to make sure the icon you are claiming has not been claimed by someone else first!

15. 16.

1. 2. 4. 6.
8. 10. 11. 13.
14. 3. 5. 9.
12. 7.


1024x768 | 800x600
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mood: artisticartistic
Jules: meep?_jules_ on 26th October 2004 00:44 (UTC)
I just happened by from friendsfriends and these are wonderful! I love Jem. Do you think even though I'm not on your friendslist I could take #13? It's beautiful.
ljc: farscapetaraljc on 26th October 2004 01:18 (UTC)
you don't have to be on my flist to claim icons. have at :)
Jules: be your lemon sweet strawberry self_jules_ on 26th October 2004 01:38 (UTC)
Oh thank you!