ljc (taraljc) wrote,

To my Yuletide seekrit-santa

Upon the excellent suggestion of elke:

(sets out a plate of ginger snaps, a bag of oranges, and a large glass of whole milk)

Dear St. Nick:

Kissing is fun.

Sex, I can live without, tho obviously if you want to give it to me I'm not gonna say no.

But most of all? What turns my crank are two characters interacting with one another, for good or bad. Seriously. I'm a junkie for anything that plumbs the depths of relationships, even if it's not chock full of sweetness and light or--considering some of the shows I love--dark and angsty. I'm equally in love with the fluffy and the phenomenally fucked up. If you have fun writing it, I'm sure I'll have fun reading it!

Also, if you need help with canon on any of my fandoms, I can dig up resources I'm sure... Hell, for a couple of them, I probably wrote or maintain them.

Enjoy the cookies, and make sure that Rudolph doesn't hog all the carrots!


Tags: dear santa, yuletide
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