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24 October 2003 @ 07:23
Geek of Steel 1/1 Rated R  
jake 2.0: Geek of SteelCollapse )
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I like you.: :-*cyclogenesis on 24th October 2003 13:37 (UTC)
Yeah, I've never actually seen an ep of Jake 2.0, but all the snippets you were posting have been really amusing, and I was like, okay, I can picture Christopher Gorham naked, and so I read it and MAN. The cute. It overwhelms. So much cute here, and sweet, and other things like that. I love it.
ljctaraljc on 24th October 2003 14:41 (UTC)
So far, they've only aired 6, so you've still got a good chance of catching up once they show reruns (they've recast the pilot and the first ep aka the first appearence of The Desk Lamp of True Love TM).
a joyful girl getting loud: PrettyGeekyPeopleperi_peteia on 24th October 2003 14:08 (UTC)
Oh. My.

I love this. I hope that we keep getting into the same fandoms, so that whenever a new fandom comes along a piece of your fic can be the first thing I read in it. You know, to, sort of, set the standard.

Also, I will never, never be able to watch an Energizer commercial again without giggling uncontrollably about the Energizer Bunny's girlfriend...

So, thanks for that. :-D
ljc: geeklovetaraljc on 25th October 2003 15:22 (UTC)
aw! you're so sweet! Thank you! And I spent a big chunk of the other day at the Energizer site, seriously contemplating getting of one those Bunny stuffies...
Bunglegirlbunglegirl on 24th October 2003 14:40 (UTC)
I saw a few things that were changed that i hadn't noticed before. I like!
ljc: geeklovetaraljc on 24th October 2003 18:15 (UTC)
yay! yeah--I tend to tweak until I force myself to post, or else it would never go up, you know--ever. And then I always kick msyelf, bcasue I always make changes after carpet-bombing a fandom with a story, which means tracking down archived versions hither and yon.
celli on 25th October 2003 15:15 (UTC)
*giggling madly* Very cool!
ljctaraljc on 25th October 2003 15:23 (UTC)
Sometimes, you just need fluff, you know?
liquideyes: FHoJliquidize on 29th October 2003 20:02 (UTC)
*squee* I have the biggest smile on my face.

This story just rocks so hard!!! I could hear and see them in my head. I love Diane's "just see me as a doctor," his hightened smell, "us this" and Man of Steel, Woman of Klenex (which of course I've heard of, but surprisingly never read...). The dialogue just sparkles and it captures the silly/camp edge of the show perfectly.

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