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07 September 2002 @ 11:39
it's up! it's up! it's up!  
The C/C fanzine Summer Lovin' is at long last now up. I have a story in it called More and it's the post-Tempest story I slaved over for two months. You have no idea how badly I could use even a drop of feedback...

here's a run down of the storeis in the 'zine...

Sunday Cookies by Sullivan Lane
Chloe deals with the trauma of being deserted at the Spring Formal by retreating to her kitchen. Clark deals with spaceships and regaining Chloe's trust.

Rockets Red and Superable Blues by Paperbkryter
Chloe arrives back in Smallville after her internship in Metropolis to find her ride home isn't there. Will Clark let her down again?

Feet on Solid Ground by Wileykit
After the events of Tempest, Clark needs to find his center.

Fallout by DMartinez
The aftermath of the storm and the many crazy things going on at the time.
After the Fall by Molly

Adult. Chloe and Clark turn to each other to work through their grief.

In the not so distant future...

One Day by Ibrahim Ng
Chloe and Clark, a little older and a little wiser than we know them, spend a day in Metropolis. And they talk.

Chocolate Covered Compliments of the Chef by Maveness Delight
There's just something about a kiss. Wait, we're talking Hershey's here...aren't we?

Liberty by Sara N.
Clark, Chloe, and the pursuit of happiness.

In Which There Is Making Out by Wileykit
Clark and Chloe spend some quality time together. Can you guess what they're doing?

Miss Piggy Had The Right Idea by Maveness Delight
Adult. Think of the memories: knowing you lost your virginity because of swine sex.

A Can of Worms by Candace
Adult. There were things Chloe wanted to conquer before she graduated Smallville High. Can you say 'Clark'?

The Edge of Forever by Jade
Adult. Five years after leaving town, Clark, Chloe, Pete, Lana and Lex plan to reunite in Smallville. Clark and Chloe need to make some decisions about their future, Pete and Lana make a discovery, and Lex is late.

please feedback the authors and artists, they all did fab work.
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ex_wook on 8th September 2002 00:53 (UTC)
I adore your story, and you know it. I don't know what else to say but that you *actually* made me feel for Clark there. What have you done to me! You MONSTER!
ljctaraljc on 8th September 2002 00:55 (UTC)
I was even fairly charitable to Lana.
Who knew that was possible?