January 1st, 2013

lost girl (kenzi)

The Big Reveal

Sorry I didn't post earlier, but today has been the day of the "Seriously, Ear Infection? SERIOUSLY?"

For yuletide, I wrote a Lost Girl missing scene story for hellpenguin on Tumblr. My original plan was a long plotty story where due to Collapse )

Only I realised a) I dis not have time to write a 30,000 word epic and b) I'm now starting to wonder if Hale Collapse ). So, erm... yeah, I went for a character-centrix missing scene instead. Still all about my fave sidekicks, and family of the blood- and -found family types.

Brotherly Love (2773 words) by LJC
Summary: Set after "Flesh and Blood". Spoilers for season 2. Kenzi loves Hale like a brother. Why does no one believe her when she says that?