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21 December 2013 @ 17:38
Happy Winter Holiday of your choosing from Clint & Darcy!  
About to leave for the airport to go down to Florida-la, but wanted to wish everyone a happy Solstchristmukkahkwanzyule!

hiddencaithiddencait on 22nd December 2013 00:11 (UTC)
Ahahah yay!! He looks so thrilled to be in that sweater too lol.

Have a great trip!
ljc: simple not easy (clint/darcy)taraljc on 22nd December 2013 06:55 (UTC)
That sweater shall not survive til New Year's, that's for damned sure.
madripoor_rose: Blue Beetlemadripoor_rose on 22nd December 2013 00:56 (UTC)
Dolls look amazing! Safe trip and happy holiday.
ljc: thor (darcy smile)taraljc on 22nd December 2013 06:56 (UTC)
Ta very much! Darcy is getting her Thor 2 outfit soon, but for now, she's being FESTIVE.
sinkwriter: Kaylee - Colorful parasolsinkwriter on 22nd December 2013 06:41 (UTC)
Her sweater and those monkey pajama pants are adorable!

ljc: thor (clint/darcy)taraljc on 22nd December 2013 06:54 (UTC)
I adore the Paul Frank monkey pyjamas! I wriyte them into the story, and couldn't believe I was lucky enough to find a doll-sized pair!

I figure Darcy made Clint pose for the pic after her mum sent them both fug Xmas sweaters for Channukah, and Jane was probably the photog And afterwards, Clint and Natasha will go to the roof of the Avenger's Mansion and set fire to his fug jumper. For serious and for true.
sinkwriter: Doctor Who - Ten - Sexy glassessinkwriter on 22nd December 2013 07:01 (UTC)
The sweaters are comical. I would pay to see that scene on the rooftop. LOL.

And big score on the pajama pants! I totally thought you had to hand-make them or something. Love 'em!
ljc: scary doll person (star trek is for girltaraljc on 22nd December 2013 07:05 (UTC)
There was a Barbie COllector Paul Frank doll that came in either blue or red monkey pyjamas. I lucked out BIGTIME.
All the letters I can write: Yuletide Mulder and Scullywendelah1 on 22nd December 2013 13:14 (UTC)
Those are the best Christmas outfits I've seen this year, human or toy.