ljc (taraljc) wrote,

omg yuletide

Hilariously, I matched on a fandom that pre-dates AO3 and FFN so I am currently yule-stalking my recipient across ancient archives, reading everything they have ever posted (publicly) about that fandom.

As I was in bed last night, half awake, I think I hit on an idea. OMG SO EXCITE. I love revisiting old fandoms. It makes me glee. And luckily, I have access to the source (I've been very very strict with myself the last few years only offering source I know inside-out, or have to hand to get up to speed again relatively quickly).

I am STUPIDLY GLEEFUL that assignments went out so early. I haven't had this much lead-time since 2008, which was the year I wrote All The Yuletide Fic Ever in the History of Ever.

It will also help as I'm going to family this year much earlier than usual, and need to make sure all my stories are in before deadline because there's no guarantee my family won't try and keep me away from the computer as much as possible Christmas week (they do that. It's a thing. They don't seem to get that my idea of "vacation" is staying up til 4am writing).
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