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dear yuletide santa

Dear Yuletide Santa:

DO NOT BE AFRAID! I apologise for the mostly friends-locked-ness of my journal. As you can see, my geeking out for the last few years has mostly been about customising dolls, Primeval and Thor. But you can take a stroll through the meme tag to learn a bit more about me, and my fiction also says a lot about my tastes. I'm mostly a gen/het writer, with a dash of slash and femmeslash thrown in, but my reading tastes are a lot broader than my writing tastes.

I know it's terrifying and maddening to try and get a read on someone who keeps herself to herself, even fannishly. All my previous yuletide Dear Santa letters are here. And here are some general LJC things you should know:

I am not always one of those "happily ever after" curtain-fic types. While I am a romantic, I don't expect Shakespeare Comedy Weddings to end every story. That's probably pretty obvious, but the posts I've made in the past about characters and what I enjoy about their interactions in canon, and the potential that exists for those relationships to be explored and grow and change. But I really do dig the relationships in canon, and love to see those explored--as well as their potential explored.

I love character development. I love humour. I love stories that capture the feel and tone of the source. I love stories that experiment with the boundaries of tone and feel of the source. I love missing scene stories A LOT. I love epistolary novels. I love dialogue. I love cheese--the variety from a can, as well as a lovely brie with some sliced apples and maybe some $6 wine. I love 3rd person limited. I love 1st person. I find 3rd person omniscient difficult to achieve, personally, and rarely see it actually work without just coming across as 3rd person limited that jumps from POV to POV. But if you can do it, then GO ON, MY SON, sez I. I think 2nd person is actually a trick played by authors on an unsuspecting public, and am wary and distrustful of it, on principle. But likewise, if it makes you glee, then who am I to stand in the way of glee?

I love really kickass chicks who are flawed and real and strong and smart and clever and make mistakes, and own their mistakes, and take chances, and stick to their guns, and trust their instincts. I love their partners and husbands and fathers and brothers and sons and boyfriends and ex-boyfriends and confidants and adversaries.

Right, so, here are my requests:
Go (1999)
Claire Montgomery, Ronna Martin
So... that was Christmas. What did they do for New Year's?

Green Hornet (TV)
Lenore Case, Britt Reid, Kato
I've always always always wanted to know how Casey learnt Britt's secret, since the TV series started long after him adopting the mask and her being in the know. ETA: I've never seen the 2011 movie, and while I've read all of the Moonstone anthologies, I only consider the aired episodes canon.

The Middleman (TV)
Wendy Watson, Lacey Thornfield
Possibly I have always wondered what would happen if Mirror!Lacey came to our world on a mission....

Jem and the Holograms
Ashley Larsen, Mary 'Stormer' Phillips
I've always loved their friendship, and how Ashley keeps Stormer's secrets. I'd love to see anything with the two of them post-"A Father Should Be" or dealing with Ashley's parents and childhood before being fostered by the Starlight Foundation. When Stormer and Kimber teamed up in "The Bands Break Up", were Ashley and Stormer spend time together without having to sneak off?
I am fully aware Go is a ridiculous movie. I cannot explain my love. It is just one of those weird things. It's one of my Happy Place movies. I'm sorry if you offered this fandom fully expecting to get a request for slashfic involving Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf. I do love the boys, don't get me wrong! But to me, Go has always been Ronna's story, with Claire getting sucked into Ronna's crazy and everyone else affected by just being in her orbit. If you are up to the Rashamon-style of storytelling, I would be IN COMPLETE AWE OF YOU. But I am not expecting an epic sequel weaving together all the characters form the first film, so long as I get just a little Ronna and Claire ficlet to hug and love and call "George".

My love for The Green Hornet tv series is EPIC. I am a hard-boiled girl after all, and I love how the show is basically a hard-boiled crime drama, with some masks and gadgets thrown in. Unsurprisingly, my favourite episodes are "Beautiful Dreamer", "Corpse of the Year" and "Hornet Save Thyself". I have a straight-girl crush on Wende Wagner's Casey, and I also have a deep abiding love for Sabrina Bradley. I love how Britt and Kate are partners, and while other people treat Kato like a sidekick, Britt never ever does. As far as he's concerned the two of them are a team, and he trusts Kato with his life on a daily basis. These guys are brothers, through and through. I also 'ship Casey/Britt like there is no tomorrow, and love somewhat desperately that she went undercover in BD. I know the show isn;t out on DVD, but I'll see if I can put together a pimp hat post for you, because EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE IT THE WAY I DO and be able to glory in it in their own homes at their leisure.

OMG where can I start with The Middleman? It is my show of shows. It speaks to the core of my geek being. And Wendy and Lacey's friendship is my favourite part of the show. ANYTHING you write about them I will cherish and love forever. Trufax.

In Jem, Stormer is my One True Character, and from the first minute Ashley hit her up for cash when she was 12 years old, I was hooked on her and Stormer as secret friends behind Pizzazz and Jerrica's backs. We see both of them grow and change over the course of the series, but I am super-sad their friendship is never revisited and I'd just love something about the two of them. Particularly if it involves Jerrica finding out that Stormer saved her ass in Vegas or even especially NEVER finding out Stormer saved her ass in Vegas.

Mostly, I love yuletide. So don't worry. It'll all be okay. I promise. Because it's a pressie, and pressies are awesome.



P.S. anonymous comments are disabled due to smappers, alas. But you can email me via the mods.
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