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The Big Reveal

Sorry I didn't post earlier, but today has been the day of the "Seriously, Ear Infection? SERIOUSLY?"

For yuletide, I wrote a Lost Girl missing scene story for hellpenguin on Tumblr. My original plan was a long plotty story where due to Lachlan's death, Hale ends up the Ash on a technicality. Because Lachlan died before serving as the Ash for a year from sundown Oct 31 to sundown Nov 1 and Hale is the only surviving Contender from the last election. And they debate the merits of whether or not Hale might want to STAY the Ash, but in the end, decides the best way to get un-voted as the Ash was to take a human consort. Cue Kenzi and Hale getting handfasted (which is kinda like a year long engagement that isn't quite actually being married yet except for the part where it kinda totally is, in terms of being legally binding in the Fae community) and are all "it's just like a green card wedding. Oh shit, do I have to deal with the Fae INS?" and have no intentions of actually consumating said not-marriage. But then there would have been wacky hijinks with assasination attempts and stuff before Trick finds out that the Blackthorn never actually intended for Hale to stay the Ash, but to die because of some feud with Clan Zamorra, and MORE HIJINKS would have ensued.

Only I realised a) I dis not have time to write a 30,000 word epic and b) I'm now starting to wonder if Hale might not end up the new Ash. So, erm... yeah, I went for a character-centrix missing scene instead. Still all about my fave sidekicks, and family of the blood- and -found family types.

Brotherly Love (2773 words) by LJC
Summary: Set after "Flesh and Blood". Spoilers for season 2. Kenzi loves Hale like a brother. Why does no one believe her when she says that?
Tags: lost girl, yuletide

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