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11 December 2011 @ 19:19
I has a fandom_stocking!

ETA: yes, I said "random werewolves". For example, I am a-okay with Teen Wolf and The Vampires Diaries stories having werewolves. But I am so not okay Coulson suddenly being a beta in Tony Stark's pack (hence the "random" part of "random werewolves").

EMETA: I can't believe I just felt the need to explain why "random werewolves" is a fic turn-off for me. Clearly, it is time to go to bed.
hiddencaithiddencait on 12th December 2011 02:36 (UTC)
So noted! *grin*
StClair: oopscmdr_zoom on 12th December 2011 03:40 (UTC)
all the people on that list are so awesome, and you are so awesome, I have no hope of producing anything worthy of going in that stocking.
Vertelemming: Treguna Mewhat? - The Dresden Filesvertelemming on 12th December 2011 08:45 (UTC)
What about random werebunnies? Is that okay?
Dave Van Domelen: Pony Mashupdvandom on 12th December 2011 13:36 (UTC)
If Pinkie Pie were a werewolf, she would be SUCH a random werewolf!