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dear yuletide santa

Dear Yuletide Santa:

DO NOT BE AFRAID! I apologise for the mostly friends-locked-ness of my journal. As you can see, my geeking out for the last two years has mostly been about customising dolls and Primeval. But you can take a stroll through the meme tag to learn a bit more about me, and my fiction also says a lot about my tastes. I'm mostly a gen/het writer, with a dash of slash and femmeslash thrown in, but my reading tastes are a lot broader than my writing tastes.

I know it's terrifying and maddening to try and get a read on someone who keeps herself to herself, even fannishly. All my previous yuletide Dear Santa letters are here. And here are some general LJC things you should know:

I am not always one of those "happily ever after" curtain-fic types. While I am a romantic, I don't expect Shakespeare Comedy Weddings to end every story. That's probably pretty obvious, but the posts I've made in the past about characters and what I enjoy about their interactions in canon, and the potential that exists for those relationships to be explored and grow and change. But I really do dig the relationships in canon, and love to see those explored--as well as their potential explored.

I love character development. I love humour. I love stories that capture the feel and tone of the source. I love stories that experiment with the boundaries of tone and feel of the source. I love missing scene stories A LOT. I love epistolary novels. I love dialogue. I love cheese--the variety from a can, as well as a lovely brie with some sliced apples and maybe some $6 wine. I love 3rd person limited. I love 1st person. I find 3rd person omniscient difficult to achieve, personally, and rarely see it actually work without just coming across as 3rd person limited that jumps from POV to POV. But if you can do it, then GO ON, MY SON, sez I. I think 2nd person is actually a trick played by authors on an unsuspecting public, and am wary and distrustful of it, on principle. But likewise, if it makes you glee, then who am I to stand in the way of glee?

I love really kickass chicks who are flawed and real and strong and smart and clever and make mistakes, and own their mistakes, and take chances, and stick to their guns, and trust their instincts. I love their partners and husbands and fathers and brothers and sons and boyfriends and ex-boyfriends and confidants and adversaries.

Right, so, here are my requests:
2 Broke Girls
Max and Johnny make me HAPPY. I'd love anything you can give me. How they first met, the off-screen make-out in the bathroom at the gallery, how he wins her back, their first real date that doesn't involve her spotting for him while he tags something. Anything you like.

The Avengers (2012)
Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. makes me SO HAPPY. I just rewatched the Iron Man films recently, to remind myself exactly how much Coulson we have and OMG HE IS SO BADASS YET POLITE. I love him with Pepper, I really really REALLY love him with Black Widow (and picturing them sparring makes me make dolphin noises of PURE JOY, and I continue to believe that if Tasha decided to have sex with him, their sex life would be EPIC), and I love him with Clint snarking and bitching in New Mexico. But mostly? I just think Phil is AWESOME.

I also heart Clint. A lot. I am not really familiar with him from the comics, but even his brief scene in Thor made me want to get to know him better. While I am a complete sucker for Clint/Darcy (it is my crackship du jour), I also have a soft spot for friendship fic with Thor, Steve, and Coulson.

If you're going to 'ship the boys, I love to read Clint/Darcy, Past Clint/Natasha, and Clint & Natasha friendship. I may have mentioned wanting Coulson/Natasha LIEK BURNING. But if you can't go to the het place with him (and with I'm assuming most folks looking for Clint/Coulson slash, that's probably what you thought you were in for if you offered this fandom), I am still all onboard for gen, and friendship fic. Gen makes me GLEE. My flatmate and I have been batting around the idea of a) Phil's no-superheroes-allowed poker game and b) Phil's harem (mainly because I keep picturing his ex-wife being an NSA deputy director played by Felicity Huffman, and her getting the dog in the divorce) but as I said above, feel free to write what you're comfortable writing!

Man from Atlantis
Elizabeth is always so adamant that her relationship with Mark is platonic--in a "methinks the lady doth protest too much" kind of way. But after "Deadly Carnival" where Mark has a little kiss and cuddle from the owner of the carnival, I wonder if *he* sees his relationship with Elizabeth as platonic? He certainly enjoyed kissing Charlene. What if that gives him a new perspective on his friendship with Elizabeth? How would she react?

Since this is an unfulfilled prompt from years past, I've got an here everything you need to know about Man From Atlantis resource post.

Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
I have this mental image of Tommy Crown and Catherine Banning passing in and out of each other's lives--kinda sorta like Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, only without actual bullwhips (unless, you know, you wanted to go there). As in, they are the great loves of each other's lives, but they can't be in close proximity for more than a few weeks before things get explosive and messy and painful and potentially dangerous. My thought is, how does McCann deal with Catherine coming back to HIM every time she and Crown part ways? How does he deal with being her fall-back, when he's kinda insanely in love with her himself?
I first started watching 2 Broke Girls show because I fell madly in love with Kat Dennings after she played Darcy in Thor. Then I saw Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and Charlie Bartlett and OMG KAT DENNINGS IS MADE OF AWESOME. So, yeah--I kinda love Max more than Caroline. However, I do love Caroline and Max's friendship. I love how they bring out both the best and the worst in eachother. I love how they are there for each other, and their friendship fills a huge gaping hole in my life that was left by the cancellation of The Middleman, when I lost Wendy and Lacey's friendship. So while I do 'ship Max and Johnny, I am also very invested in how Caroline tries to help Max deal with her feelings. Both of them not really having family, and how she tries to pretend that Johnny being in a scary relationship with Cashandra where they are only using one another to get ahead doesn't bother her. When she really misses her friendship with Johnny even more than the nascent romantic relationship.

I cheated, where it comes to Clint Barton and Phil Coulson. Thor fandom grew SO QUICKLY that it was inelligible for Yuletide this year, so I figured, hey, we know they're in Avengers, so I will go for that as my 4th. The truth is, I love that we see Coulson in a different light in Thor. In Iron Man and Iron Man 2, he's presented as the cheerful anonymous MIB, who is perfectly willing to tase Tony into unconsciousness if he has to, and he'd do it with a smile. But in Thor, we see him as THE MAN IN CHARGE, and we get a better glimpse into his character, and also where he fitted in the S.H.I.E.L.D. hierarchy. I'd love to learn more about him, and also where he and Clint first met. I got the sense from Clint's brief appearence in Thor that they knew each other and had worked with each other before. I especially lvoe the "I'm starting to root for this guy" line, because it says a great deal about both Clint and Coulson. I like that Coulson waits to see what Thor will do once he reaches the hammer. I love that he lets Thor go with Selvig, even though he knows Selvig's story is a crock, just to gather further intel. I love him and Pepper Potts at the end of IM. I love his snarky facetious banter with Agent Sitwell in both "The Consultant" and Thor. On that note, I ADORE the Marvel One-shots with him, "The Consultant" and "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer" SO MUCH OMG, and anything in that vein? PURE UNCUT AWESOME.

My love of Man From Atlantis comes from a childhood spent watching reruns in black and white on a local UHF station and re-reading the novelisations over and over again all through high school and then again a few years back when I got the series on DVD. I recognise that the first telefilm is the best of them, and the series itself veers into insane cheese. But I am a fan of cheese. From Brie to the kind of spray cheese that comes out of a can. I have 'shipped Mark and Elizabeth from the start, and was always sad!face that the show never explored a romantic relationship between them, but I am a total junkie for their friendship. And I am always a fan of the stranger-in-a-strange-land aspect of the show. However, feel free to leave Miller and CW out of the picture if you have a low tolerance for them--I admit I often do.

Thomas Crown Affair is TOTALLY A GUILTY PLEASURE. My take on them has pretty much been that Tommy is Bruce Wayne without the childhood trauma, and Catherine is his Selina Kyle. THE WOMAN. They may not be built for the long term, but I imagine their short terms are pretty damned awesome. I am also a huge fan of heists, and the Magrite job in the film is one of my all-time favourites ever in the history of ever., But I am also a fan of downtime, and little character moments. And I have huge affection for McCann, who I see as the kind of guy Catherine would go to when she was beer, pizza, and to watch a football game on a Sunday. I also can see her being totally clueless as to how messed up she makes him just dropping in now and then for pizza, beer, and whatever. Unrequited love is a bullet-proof kink of mine, and always has been.

Mostly, I love yuletide. So don't worry. It'll all be okay. I promise. Because it's a pressie, and pressies are awesome.

Being me, I can point you toward resource posts for one (and soon to be two) of my requested fandoms.



P.S. anonymous comments are screened (and IP logging is switched off for the duration of Yuletide Writing Season), but you can leave one with questions, if you need to! Or you can email me via Elyn, who always entertains me muchly with her additional fake queries so as to not tip me off as to what story you're actually writing.
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