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21 November 2011 @ 20:43
Things that make me happy: tiny plastic Darcy Lewis. I just need to repaint her eyes and lips.

She's on an obitsu body that actually matches her skintone, which apparently helps tremendously. Her head is still a touch too big for the scale of the body, but it feels less noticeable, now. Now I just need to find a 1:6 scale taser.
Pixytheoreticalpixy on 22nd November 2011 02:52 (UTC)
Well now that is just ADORABLE.
SlightlyJillian: text ~an extra cloud todayslightlyjillian on 22nd November 2011 03:36 (UTC)
seawench: tasers and doodlesseawench on 22nd November 2011 16:00 (UTC)
She is fabulous!
madripoor_rosemadripoor_rose on 22nd November 2011 17:13 (UTC)
Very cool!
rubynye on 22nd November 2011 19:27 (UTC)
So brilliantly Darcy! I am in awe of all the personality your dolls convey.