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28 August 2011 @ 20:58
Teen Wolf Icons  
(want. take. have.)

Please remember to read all the comments first, to make sure no-one has asked for exclusive use of an icon. If you are willing to share, mention that when you claim it.

NOTE: Please do not claim more than 3 icons.


up for grabs:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
want. take. have.ghostrunner7 on 29th August 2011 02:05 (UTC)
God damn it, do I need to try watching this show again?
ljc: teen wolf (derek shirtless)taraljc on 29th August 2011 02:09 (UTC)
YES OMG YES! For ALL THE LADIEZ ARE MADE OF WIN even crazy aunt kate who makes dean winchester look, like, normal and stuff and OMG SCOTT AND ALLISON ARE STUPIDLY ADORABLE and Stiles and Scott are the bestest BFFs ever in the history of ever. Also, all the boys are totally allergic to shirts. No, seriously. And also, yes.
Offical Exception to ALL the Rulestreetracer on 29th August 2011 02:28 (UTC)
That must be some mondo crazy. O_o
ljc: teen wolf (crazy aunt kate)taraljc on 29th August 2011 02:30 (UTC)
Crazy Aunt Kate is SO crazy. And yet still awesome.
want. take. have.ghostrunner7 on 29th August 2011 04:21 (UTC)
Jeez, tell me how you really feel.

Okay, I'm giving it another try. So far how funny it is is outweighing how violently I don't care about any of the lacrosse scenes.
ljc: teen wolf (derek shirtless)taraljc on 29th August 2011 04:24 (UTC)
The lacrosse stuff is just there in the first few eps, to play out all the stereotypical high school sports metaphors. Mostly, it's all about Scott being adorkable.
want. take. have.ghostrunner7 on 29th August 2011 05:50 (UTC)
And Derek not wearing clothes. I could get into this.
ljc: teen wolf (derek shirtless)taraljc on 29th August 2011 05:56 (UTC)
Derek is allergic to shirts. This becoems a plot point when Stiles uses him as eye-candy to bribe Jackson's canonically gay best friend Danny into helping, at one point. BEST SCENE EVER.
want. take. have.ghostrunner7 on 30th August 2011 00:26 (UTC)
Okay, so I watched the whole season today while working on sewing projects. You're right. That was the best scene ever. Derek and Stiles are really hilarious together. They have great comedic timing.

It's wrong that I want to climb Allison Argent's father (I think his name is Chris?) like a tree, right? Because I want to climb him like a tree.
polysyllabic adultress: faith/wesley truekonstantine03 on 29th August 2011 11:39 (UTC)
Snagging #20 cos I'm uber pretty but totally willing to share if anyone else wants it too. Thanks for posting these lady!
polysyllabic adultresskonstantine03 on 30th August 2011 01:07 (UTC)
"I'm"? "It's", even. *sigh*

That sounded very self-confident! *hangs head in embarrassment*
xwingacexwingace on 29th August 2011 18:24 (UTC)

Not interested taking any (usually too lazy to change from default anyway), but one of those pics of Scott wolfing out would look nice with 'You wouldn't like me when I'm angry', too... Esp. No. 14. :-)

Sayraaryas_zehral on 29th August 2011 20:48 (UTC)
Adore 5 to 7! Can I nab 6 please?

Edited at 2011-08-29 20:52 (UTC)
Age of the Geek, Baby: DA:  Alec lorax on 29th August 2011 20:51 (UTC)
I need to finish watching this show.
Sounds of Silenceranilos on 15th October 2011 20:42 (UTC)
Snagging number 4, willing to share. ♥
aqua_eyesaqua_eyes on 16th February 2012 21:43 (UTC)
So I am snagging numbers 5, 7 and 15 and willing to share.