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20 July 2011 @ 11:50
Chicago peeps!  
So my darling boosette arrived safe and sound last week from Virginia, and is looking for work. Retail, clerical, data entry, "anything that's not construction or at a grocery store". She's computer saavy, has a car, and also bakes like a FIEND.

Anyone have any leads?
Zen: Cat lookin' nice!vagabondage on 20th July 2011 21:27 (UTC)
I know this isn't what you had in mind, but if she can't find anything else, my bestest friend Joe is always looking for new Tupperware consultants. He gives good training and support.

ljc: bacon!taraljc on 20th July 2011 21:56 (UTC)
Can you email me Joe's info so I can put them in touch with one another?
Zen: coffee mugvagabondage on 21st July 2011 13:30 (UTC)
I couldn't find your email, so I sent Joe's info to you through lj private message. If you didn't get it, email me and let me know...

zeneyepirate at gmail dot com
ljc: bacon!taraljc on 21st July 2011 16:51 (UTC)
Got it, and have replied back!
Don't look at me, I voted for Charles F. Ofdensencivilbloodshed on 20th July 2011 21:53 (UTC)
I work at a certain Bank that's hiring like crazy right now! It's unlikely that she'll find a full-time position open, but even a part-time will provide her with a living wage and full benefits. I only work part-time and can pay for rent, gas, groceries, 2 cats, and a boyfriend who needs things. :D
ljc: bacon!taraljc on 20th July 2011 21:54 (UTC)
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. Can you email me the info at ljconstantine@hotmail and I'll forward to her?
seawenchseawench on 21st July 2011 15:18 (UTC)
Does she have a car? I know a woman looking for a pa, but she would definitely need a car for that one.
ljc: i'm okaytaraljc on 21st July 2011 16:52 (UTC)
She has a car! Email me the info and I will pass on to her! ljconstantine@hotmail
seawenchseawench on 21st July 2011 19:53 (UTC)
Called to check on the info, and it turns out she filled the job while I was out of town. Sorry.
Merlin Missy: Coffee (Selina)mtgat on 22nd July 2011 01:15 (UTC)
Unique Gifts and Games
I just got this in my email. It's a gaming/pagan/fannish store in Grayslake. The one I refer to at home as "the Doctor Who store."

Now Hiring!

Would you like to work at a family owned hobby shop with a growing and friendly customer base? Now is your chance to apply!

We are currently looking for part time employees! With a possibility of future full time employment. Duties include using a point of sale cash register system, stocking product, general store cleaning, customer service, and providing game demonstrations as needed. Training in all of the above will be provided! Our main goal is to find honest, hard working employees with a willingness to learn!

You must be 18+ years of age!

You must email your resume to UGGken@comcast.net. Make sure you send it in .doc or .pdf format!! Any hobby game experience should be noted, but it is NOT necessary for employment!