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11 June 2011 @ 23:30

It's going to be a very long summer between now and new Doctor Who.

In other news, the cast of Primeval continues to be a) pretty and b) total dorks. Here, have picspam!

Bunglegirl: Colin Morganbunglegirl on 12th June 2011 05:25 (UTC)
How is Camelot? Worth tracking down?
ljc: camelot (merlin/igraine)taraljc on 12th June 2011 05:27 (UTC)
OMG SO AWESOME. I enjoyed it muchly. I'm sure it's full of fail, but I remain full of that first blush of fannish love anyway.
SunSpecOpssunspecops on 12th June 2011 05:49 (UTC)

Heeeheeeeeeeee... stole your connor/abby/jess pic... considering the fic I'm writing between raid wipes tonight, it's purrrrfect. :D
ljc: pottsy & hannahtaraljc on 13th June 2011 07:55 (UTC)
I nicked it off google images. Steal away!
toothless nerd bastard!: badder than old king kongrobanybody on 12th June 2011 11:12 (UTC)
DR. JULIAN BASHIR IS ON THIS SHOW? Okay, dammit, I'm in.
ljc: primeval (becker)taraljc on 13th June 2011 07:42 (UTC)
WIN! Start with s3 or s4. Sid shows up in s4,but you may need s3 for context.
seren_ccd: Primeval - Becker/Jessseren_ccd on 13th June 2011 19:09 (UTC)
I mem'd this picspam and can't stop staring at Ben Mansfield's back and hipbones and Ruth Kearney's adorable face.