ljc (taraljc) wrote,

To anyone and everyone who has wondered where I've been lately...

erm... sorry? Been a crazy crazy winter and spring. Long story short: I kinda sorta have 3 jobs, plus 2 very demanding hobbies, and managed for a chunk of April to be flat on my back due to a back injury. I then spent the rest of April preparing for (and then visiting with) my parents for a week. OTOH, my house is now VERY CLEAN. On the other, April went away. And I hadn't even got used to the idea of MARCH, yet. So that tells you where my brains are.

So, I'm alive. Just very very BEHIND on correspondence, El Jay, and life in general. If you're waiting on me for stuff, I apologise. I really am trying to get caught up! In the meantime, Doctor Who is back and it's awesome, and seanan_mcguire is posting NEWSFLESH fic. Go enjoy. I'll get back to everyone as soon as I no longer need 6 hands and a clone to keep up.

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