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01 January 2011 @ 00:25
The big reveal  
Now that the archive has unveilled our true idenities, here is what I wrote for yuletide:

The View From Seven Miles Down for zebra_in_dream

You guys, I got to write Man From Atlantis!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much I have wanted to write Man From Atlantis. It has been one of my childhood fandoms, and I'd always requested Yuletide fic, but never offered to write before. HUGE thanks to my betas, especially annlarimer who may never forgive me for the erm... scene in the bathroom.

This was a really difficult story to write. Partly because the entire time I was writing it, I just kept thinking about susanmgarrett who was the only other hardcore MfA fan I knew, and who loved it even more than I did. We used to have epic phonecalls about it, and when I went back over my MfA lj posts, and possibly kept crying just a little, when I read her comments. So even tho the story was for Zebra, really it was also very much for Susan. Which made it mean a lot to me to write, and also sorta raised the stakes. It's not the best story ever--after all, it's really just a series of missing scenes from the first hour of the pilot--But I really loved getting inside Elizabeth's head.

The Latina Progenitor Invasion for areyoumymemmy

I may have pounced on this pinch hit like a tigger. All the good stuff in it was stolen directly from the series, and I had some fantastic cheerleaders who were made of awesome. This is also the story where I accidently rang up one of my betas at, erm, 1am. Ooops? (Luckily she--mostly--forgave me.)

In The Dark for thepouncer

I CHEATED ZOMG SO MUCH. I had written this waaaaay back when "In The Light" first aired, but it had languished on my harddrive ever since. Then when I was going through the Yuletide Madness prompts, I saw that this woudl have worked, and plus I felt guilty for not being able to beta for Pouncer. So voila! Treat got dusted off, tweaked, and posted. And I giggled when yahtzee63 left a comment, since she was the one who took a peek at the oriignal first draft, all those months ago.

Was (Wasn't) for brokengravity

This was one of the stories which pretty much had my name written all over it--granted, possibly only for the folks who read my Owenfic way back in the day (which may just be mtgat, settiai, cadhla, and hawkmoth). I've always maintained that Owen and the Puck are the same person--however, the Puck shows one face to the world, while Owen shows another, based on their audience. And also, the Puck plays the fool because people underestimate him--for much the same reason Owen plays the boring, stoic manservant. In both cases, this gives him opportunities. And in both guises, as Demona once said, he's a tricky one.

Clever Rosebriar for calenlily

This was something I'd wanted to write for ages and ages. I'd actually even started writing it once before, but then the notebook I'd written it in was lost when my bag was stolen. It had lurked at the back of my head for a long time, and I decided to just play with it as a treat. It's not so much a fairy tale (there's no magic, and it doesn't follow fairy tale rules) as it is a folktale.

Seeing as how I almost never write original fiction, I kinda freaked out about this a whole lot.
Settiai: Puck -- settiaisettiai on 1st January 2011 16:10 (UTC)
Hee! I haven't had time to make it through the Madness archive yet (seriously, I'm only halfway through the regular archive - oh, RL, why must you get in the way of my fic reading), but if I had? Oh, yes, that Gargoyles story definitely has your name written all over it. In big, flashing, sparkly letters. :-P

(Also, for the record? I rewatched Gargoyles for the first time in ages, and I'm definitely starting to share your opinion about Owen and Puck being different facets of the same persion.)

Edited at 2011-01-01 16:10 (UTC)
Vertelemmingvertelemming on 1st January 2011 17:40 (UTC)
You know what I love? How you can always identify a Middlefic from the absolutely adorable and alliterative title.
Pouncer: CA Anniethepouncer on 1st January 2011 18:53 (UTC)
You are a sneaky mcsneakerson who sneaks! And I adore you *g*

I'm very glad that I was the impetus to polish up and post a delicious Auggie story. ♥
HawkMoth: happybunnieshawkmoth on 1st January 2011 21:06 (UTC)
Owen! Puck! That was wonderful.

I liked your fairy tale very much.

And the MfA story was beautiful. Susan would have loved it.
StClair: zoomcmdr_zoom on 2nd January 2011 01:19 (UTC)
These are all so very, very awesome (and, as usual, absolutely pitch-perfect IC).
MfA and Middlefic and Owen.