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09 December 2010 @ 01:02
I like this meme. I am doing this meme.  
Stoled from fan_eunice:

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?
La Femme Crayola: SNLLisaandMom by awkwardiconicannlarimer on 9th December 2010 19:22 (UTC)
The bit in your Due South minizine where Fraser critiques the last episode. I have never forgotten that, and it always makes me laugh.
ljc: steve (the happy alien) hearts utaraljc on 9th December 2010 19:26 (UTC)