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In case any of you have been wondering why a pagan girl like me has been and continues to be so supportive of a retired Catholic priest's work in Haiti, this article in the Orlando Sentinel might help.

Long story short: you don't have to share someone's religious belief to absolutely share in their convictions about the importance of providing help--both physical, mental, and emotional--for abandoned children. The work he and the entire staff at Timkatec does with the trade school gives children a future, especially the girls who escaped sexual slavery after being sold by their parents. And it is work I support 100%. But what's AWESOME is that Fr Simon and his schools don't just teach these kids a trade, giving them a future. They give these street children a home and a sense of self-worth, on top of food, shelter, and rudimentary medical care. You can learn a lot more about it at Timkatec.org.

Anyway, as you're thinking about donations this holiday season, please keep Timkatec in mind. American dollars go a VERY long way there, and despite the corruption and red tape that keeps a lot of aide from reaching the people who need it in Haiti, CRS has a system and personnel in place to make sure that when you donate, it really does go straight to the school.
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