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10 November 2010 @ 21:04
crossover or fusion: same actor different character (majel barrett) the holiday episode borked transporter aka stuck on the planet future fic the suburban episode
the cage missing scene documentation tentacles: friendly causality loops aka and then they broke time undercover: posing as a couple
unkilled: vampires zombies & other monsters handcuffed together FREE SPACE formal wear: civilian villains with heroic motive
good-natured bickering & other banter mirror universe sex: at the helm cinderella story the menagerie fix-it
waking up in the same bed prevention of the apoca-fic ropes and snares: it's a trap! relationships are hard: we always hurt the ones we love living arrangements: captain & xo share a bathroom

Want your own? GO HERE.

Little Red: trek - t'pol archer classic trekmylittleredgirl on 11th November 2010 04:24 (UTC)
I love it! What a hilarious bingo card. :)
polysyllabic adultresskonstantine03 on 11th November 2010 21:10 (UTC)
Wow, all those fills look so FUN! :D