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09 November 2010 @ 15:30
Chicago TARDIS is looking for a qualified ASL Interpreter for the show, and are willing to comp the interpreter's badge. I've already contacted thefannishwaldo and amilyn, but thought I'd cast my net wider. Can anyone help? The show is in Lombard, IL, over Thanksgiving week-end. The website is http:chicagotardis.com and the featured guests are Kai Owen, Gareth David Lloyd, Tommy Knight, Louise Jamison, and Frazier Hines, among others. Specifically the panels we so far would need interpreted for the deaf are the Torchwood panels Fri/Sat/Sun.
boosette on 9th November 2010 21:45 (UTC)
So, I am crap with all languages, but think that this is relevant to [community profile] access_fandom?

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Amy R.: Trio Nick Natalie Schankebrightknightie on 9th November 2010 22:01 (UTC)
That is an excellent idea!
brewsternorthbrewsternorth on 9th November 2010 21:47 (UTC)
I don't even have a working knowledge of BSL, but good luck!
Michaelmichaeldthomas on 9th November 2010 21:55 (UTC)
I'll try some of my contacts. :-)
ljc: steve (the happy alien) hearts utaraljc on 9th November 2010 23:06 (UTC)
Christina TM: How to Train Your Dragon - Toothlesschristina_tm on 9th November 2010 23:04 (UTC)
How qualified are we talking here? I have a friend who went to school for interpreting and is looking for freelance work. I believe she is state certified in Massachusetts.
ljc: whofictaraljc on 9th November 2010 23:06 (UTC)
Awesome! Have her email jennifer@chicagotardis.org?
Christina TM: Star Trek 2009 - Pikechristina_tm on 9th November 2010 23:13 (UTC)
I just sent her a Facebook message with the info. She has a lot of family issues so she may not be free, but she's rather a Doctor Who fan so that may be a draw :).
ljctaraljc on 10th November 2010 01:50 (UTC)
can you tell her jennifer@chicagotardis.com? I mucked up the address for my brain was full of work stress, and sometimes I am not so bright, me...
Christina TM: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Datachristina_tm on 10th November 2010 02:43 (UTC)
I sent her a corrected message.

And I'd totally do it myself, if my interpreting skills weren't...6 years old and never that great to begin with.
The Fabulous Rennrenn on 10th November 2010 01:38 (UTC)
*psst* chicagotardis.COM, not .ORG!!!!!
ljctaraljc on 10th November 2010 01:44 (UTC)
I knew that. Aaaaaand reread comment and saw that yes, she did need fixed address.

Today has NOT been my day. *sigh*

Edited at 2010-11-10 01:51 (UTC)
Spikewriterspikewriter on 10th November 2010 04:40 (UTC)
FYI, I'm posting a note for this in who_daily in hopes it might bring you some interest.
ljc: my doctor (nine)taraljc on 10th November 2010 04:42 (UTC)
You are a rock star!