ljc (taraljc) wrote,

I like this meme. I am doing this meme.

There's this Female Character Flowchart out there that I'm sure most of you have heard of already. If you haven't, let me sum it up for you: basically, all fictional female characters fall into stereotypes and aren't "realistic." Also, this flowchart is done in a way that basically anyone can be crammed into one of their categories, as long as you ignore the more three-dimensional aspects of her characterization and focus on the most two-dimensional details available.

Seriously, people who are much more articulate than me have ranted on this subject and explained why it's such a bad thing. That's not what this post is about. You see, this post? Is simply a chance for me to go through my DW/LJ icons and post the ones that I have that feature female characters, whether by themselves, with other women, with men, or simply as part of a group (which wouldn't be whole without them).

Why? Because the thing is, these women are all awesome, in their own unique ways.

Right, so, here are my awesome ladies. Out of 224 icons, weeding out a) non-representational icons/text icons and b) pics of me, I have:

71 icons of ladies
50 icons of ladies in relationships (i.e. 'ship icons)
48 icons of boyz

That means that almost exactly half my icons feature Awesome Gals (and one trout-craving zombie). I am sharing them with you.

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