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15 August 2010 @ 02:49
Susan of Song and Legend.Collapse )
One Whose Honesty is Stronger Than Her Fear: griefamilyn on 15th August 2010 16:31 (UTC)
This was such a beautiful eulogy, and so perfectly Susan. Thank you. I will always remember the Fantastically Fundamental Guide to Fandom with Ann and Susan's fingerprints all over the cover. I will remember Susan getting a pork chop and giving me bites of it when I wasn't eating, to get me to have something. I will remember stuffing Susan's till while watching her table because she would always charge less than cost, never keep accounting, and always LOSE money to make sure she wasn't cheating anyone.

But "Story Dice" as a term...I think that's one of the best things ever, and had forgotten that she was Patient Zero for our interaction with it.

We are so enriched to have known her.
scientific integrity and blah blah blah: blossoms in a misty rainsilveraspen on 15th August 2010 16:46 (UTC)
She sounds like a wonderful person, and I'm sorry I never knew her -- what a lovely eulogy.

I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
Thistlethornthistlethorn on 15th August 2010 18:43 (UTC)
Oh, thank you so much for this, Tara! *hugs*
La Femme Crayola: Keep Calm by myth_moondancerannlarimer on 15th August 2010 19:26 (UTC)
The best and wisest woman I have ever known.
Cheesehead in Paradise: Sadnessfinabair on 15th August 2010 21:05 (UTC)
*hug* Thank you for even more good memories of Susan. My couch is getting decidedly damp but it's so wonderful to remember.
robshearmanrobshearman on 16th August 2010 01:37 (UTC)
The thing about Susan - when I first met her, and being the sort of grumpy Englishman I am, and deeply deeply poisoned by cynicism and grouch - is that I spent a good few days trying to figure her out. As she took time off work just to ferry me around Disneyland, and share in all the excitement of watching me behave like a big squealing kid, *and* holding my bags as I went on the rides. And I kept thinking, *no one* can be this nice. There has to be another side.

And I was wrong. And, also, I was right.

I was wrong, because in all the time I knew her, in all the times after conventions where we'd hang out together just the two of us, all over Hollywood, in tons of bookshops - I never heard her be unkind or spiteful or malicious. Now, I'm not above a bit of bitching, and I won't pretend that Susan was some righteous do-gooder who'd frown disapprovingly at me if I went off on one. Because she wasn't. It's just in her company I felt I could be a kinder person and didn't need to bitch so much.

And I was right, because *niceness* wasn't Susan at all. She could be wickedly, hilariously funny. She was the very first person who took me out for a sushi dinner, and partly because she knew I was utterly terrified of raw fish and would squirm through the entire thing. And partly too because she knew that once I got into it I'd never stop eating the things. (Some of my favourite photographs are taken by Susan, as she sees me pull brave faces at the sushi in front of me. And some of my other favourites are taken by me, capturing Susan as she pokes fun.)

She could be smart and wise, and full of insight about the TV industry, and how stories worked. (We'd chat about such things a lot as we drove to Anaheim. Oh yes.) She could be terribly silly, pointing out to me in the Disney shop the canonicity (or not) of Hannah Montana. She could be terribly patient with me. ...Actually, she was *always* terribly patient with me. And that wasn't niceness either, God forbid. She was patient because she cared.

I never kept in contact with Susan all that well from year to year between Gallifrey conventions (though I would try). That's my loss. But I know that one of the reasons I looked forward so much to going to those cons was because Susan would be there, and we could renew our friendship so easily as if those twelve months in the middle separating us hadn't happened at all.

I'm going to miss her enormously.
ljctaraljc on 16th August 2010 02:11 (UTC)
*hugs you tight*

Shaun posted a lovely message on the Gallifrey One website. I am still not dealing. There's been a lot of alcohol and chocolate and bouts of crying and rage. I am so glad that the two of you were able to spend so much time together. She was so incredibly fond of you from day one, and you were such a good friend to her as well.
batdina on 16th August 2010 03:17 (UTC)
thanks for the reminders of how she lived. I really need them right now.
jennifer3dtdjennifer3dtd on 16th August 2010 08:56 (UTC)
Susan sounds like an amazing, amazing, and lovely person. She had the most gorgeous smile in the pictures you posted of her.

I'm so sorry she passed away.

*big hugs*
Calapinecalapine on 16th August 2010 11:01 (UTC)
Thank you for this, Tara. I've never lost a friend before, and I keep trying to type something, and it keeps sounding horrid and awkward, so here are some things I remember:

My first Gally and the first time I went on bloody Splash Mountain, I got completely soak while everyone else was lightly sprinkled. I was Mildly Outraged. Susan laughed, and also disappeared for two minutes to acquire a towel to plonk over me.

When confined to bed with horrid food poisoning, she went to the kitchen and got them to cut up a giant plate of assorted fruits for me cause I hadn't eaten for about a day and probably that wasn't helping.

I know absolutely nothng about what she thought about Doctor Who; I know loads about what she thought of Disney. She introduced to me to the joys of Disney pin-trading. (And enabled me ridiculously, "Here have a handful of badges, now go trade," "They'll let me swap one of these badges I am unfond of for something pretty?" "Yes!") And she knew I loved the Alice badges and presented me with an Alice bag and a whacking great pile of Alice pin badges last Gally and mocked my perfectly normal probably noise of glee.

She was very good at the feeding of less responsible humans who forgot maybe food was a good thing that stopped you feeling faint and other useful things.

I'm so very glad that I knew her (that you introduced us!). It was very difficult not to be cheered when she was around. She was generous and kind and clever and funny and I shall miss her terribly.
Dualbunnydualbunny on 16th August 2010 15:16 (UTC)
I'm so sorry she's gone. This is an amazing tribute to her.
Jana: marilyn pensivejanabanana74 on 16th August 2010 15:46 (UTC)
Thank you for this, Tara. I'm really at a loss for words about Susan, but your words are perfect.

celli on 16th August 2010 17:43 (UTC)
MechTurtlemechturtle on 16th August 2010 19:07 (UTC)
This is lovely. I knew of Susan through MW*C and later through SAJV; her enthusiasm and fannish efforts were always amazing. Thanks for sharing more of her fantastic-ness, and I'm sorry she's gone.
Amy R.: Hugbrightknightie on 16th August 2010 19:47 (UTC)
Thank you very much for sharing these memories and reflections of Susan. (I followed a link over here today.) Like so many people, I looked up to Susan as a model of graciousness and generosity, and am a better person as well as fan than I would otherwise have been for having been blessed with just a little of her in my life.
eee1313 on 16th August 2010 20:08 (UTC)
Oh, hon, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's passing. I'm glad you have good memories of her, and may they keep you happy during this time of sadness.