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12 August 2010 @ 19:27
Battle of the Hotness Meme! (take TWO)  
Life is hectic. Let's look at beautiful humans.

The rules: you have 24 hours to vote for the least attractive person in each poll, and I will post new pics of the remaining hotties til we're down to a single cage match-like battle between the two hottest humans in each category.


ETA: I will not shun you like the Amish based on who you voted off the Island Of The Hotness. I may be shocked and disappointed, but let's face it... they are ALL very very pretty people, and choosing is HARD. So I forgive you. Mostly.
printer's ink and blood: ghost shipjheti on 13th August 2010 04:23 (UTC)

so confused. also? guh.
xwingace: sciencexwingace on 13th August 2010 04:34 (UTC)
Black and White photo's do no favours to green-skinned people...

abbyleeabbylee on 13th August 2010 05:07 (UTC)
I totally found it interesting to see who I didn't vote for because they looked hot in that picture, and who I didn't vote for because I knew that picture didn't do them justice :)
Tori Morris: Gailaskywaterblue on 13th August 2010 05:12 (UTC)
That's a terrible picture of Rachel Nichols, but I see other people have complained. DAMN.
sinkwriter: Enigmatic Abby with star necklacesinkwriter on 13th August 2010 06:02 (UTC)
This is going to get tougher and tougher as things narrow down. There are some very pretty people in this poll. To eliminate them will be painful.

midnightsjane: David Bmidnightsjane on 13th August 2010 06:31 (UTC)
I have no idea who the guy I voted off is. In fact, I'm not sure who several of these people are! But I do know pretty when I see it.
lilacsigil: 12 Apostleslilacsigil on 13th August 2010 08:51 (UTC)
I voted off Brian Austin Green - I find very few of the men attractive (personal bias, yes) but I don't find his face interesting, either.
Denorios: bruce greenwood2denorios on 13th August 2010 09:12 (UTC)
People are voting off Bruce Greenwood - this is UNACCEPTABLE.
Pervy Nine Fancierhonorh on 13th August 2010 12:34 (UTC)
Erm, could we have some names? Because I know some of these people are very pretty and the photos aren't doing them justice.

Also, people are voting off Bruce Greenwood, and that's just wrong.
A.j.: pretty boyaj on 13th August 2010 13:37 (UTC)
Question I asked myself: Who would I want to throw me down on a bed and ravish me fuzzy brained?

And then I answered.

ETA: It wrong. I should read things.

Edited at 2010-08-13 13:38 (UTC)
ljc: curvy (she is my idol)taraljc on 13th August 2010 14:10 (UTC)
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eee1313 on 13th August 2010 15:45 (UTC)
Totally random, but you DO know that Bruce Greenwood voices Batman/Bruce Wayne in the new DC animated film Under the Red Hood, right? He's good, but... I miss Kevin Conroy. :( Kevin will always be my ultimate Batman.
ljc: DC junkietaraljc on 13th August 2010 15:49 (UTC)
I still need to see it--I heard he gives Kevin Conroy a run for his money.
eee1313 on 13th August 2010 16:37 (UTC)
He's good, very good. But I still love Kevin Conroy the best.

Joe Di Maggio does the voice of the Joker, and it's just... strange to me. When it's a cartoon Joker, I want to hear Mark Hammil's voice. Di Maggio does a more regular-guy gruff voice, and while it totally works for the way the character is drawn, I still want the crazy cackles/menace that Hammil gives. Also, Di Maggio does the voice of Bender on Futurama, so the next time I watch that movie I'm going to think of the Joker saying "Bite my shiny metal ass!" and it will make me laugh.
SLWalkersl_walker on 13th August 2010 16:54 (UTC)
Blah. Misread the first one. D'oh!