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15 July 2010 @ 01:45
Proof that I am a huge dork.
StClair: nevillecmdr_zoom on 15th July 2010 07:00 (UTC)
Awesome. (Love the subtitle, too.)
rubynye on 15th July 2010 12:39 (UTC)
Icon icon!
StClair: zoomcmdr_zoom on 15th July 2010 15:47 (UTC)
On that note, here's a little something I made a while back.

(thumbnail links to larger image)
rubynye on 22nd July 2010 04:07 (UTC)
I am extremely belated in replying, but I wanted to tell you that I adore this! I used to have an icon of the same juxtaposition, made by sharpest_rose.
rubynye on 15th July 2010 12:40 (UTC)
You mean 'a wise and sensible person'. :)
brewsternorthbrewsternorth on 15th July 2010 14:02 (UTC)
So true! (The message on the tee. You are only a little dorky; the message needs to get out.)
boosette on 15th July 2010 15:38 (UTC)
Lee Thompsonleethomps on 15th July 2010 16:10 (UTC)
People mixing up genre and medium concepts is one of my pet peeves too.

"Comic Book", "Cartoon", "Anime", etc...

Makes me crazy!
Valerie - Postmodern Pollyanna: comicswiliqueen on 15th July 2010 16:51 (UTC)
YES. (To the dorkitude, and to its message.)
ain't no party like a dalek party: dc; the goddamn wonder womanarefadedaway on 15th July 2010 18:45 (UTC)
LOVE IT. *applauds*
MechTurtlemechturtle on 15th July 2010 20:44 (UTC)