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02 July 2010 @ 00:15
Plastic Abby, complete at last!  
I know I said all my Scary Doll person posts had moved to scarydollperson, but I've enough NCIS folk on my flist that I figure they'd want to see snaps of the finished product...

( follow the fake cut to see moar pics! )
par avionpar_avion on 2nd July 2010 05:18 (UTC)
ljc: scary doll person (abby)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:02 (UTC)
She makes me smile every time I look at her--flaws and all.
Hil: DS9 | Sisko!hercircumstance on 2nd July 2010 05:33 (UTC)
I don't watch the show, but that is dead on. Wow! And as usual I am drawn to the shoes and socks.
StClair: zoomcmdr_zoom on 2nd July 2010 05:51 (UTC)
The Sisko speaks truly.
(no subject) - taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:03 (UTC) (Expand)
Denorios: NCIS abbydenorios on 2nd July 2010 05:40 (UTC)
She is awesome! Oh man, you're making me want one now!
ljc: ncis (mould porn!)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:03 (UTC)
Well, I do customs... ;)
(no subject) - denorios on 2nd July 2010 18:04 (UTC) (Expand)
laura: firefly simon prettiestvampirefan on 2nd July 2010 06:04 (UTC)
wow! that came out fantastic!
ljc: scary doll person (abby)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:03 (UTC)
I had a stupidly good time with her--frustrations and all.
Kattakattahj on 2nd July 2010 06:39 (UTC)
That's freaking adorable!
ljc: get foleytaraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:04 (UTC)
I loves her so. It's going to be hard letting her go, but I know I can make myself a new one, once my customs are finished.
pbristow on 2nd July 2010 07:14 (UTC)

Can I link to this?

ljc: ncis (blam!)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:05 (UTC)
Sure! You might prefer to link to the [Bad username: scarydollperson"] post instead, tho, since it has all the pcis and notes.
(no subject) - pbristow on 2nd July 2010 18:38 (UTC) (Expand)
Cedara: Criminal.Minds:Garciacedara on 2nd July 2010 07:47 (UTC)

Awesometastic! :-DDDDDDDDD
ljc: scary doll person (star trek is for girltaraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:05 (UTC)
Could use a little more cowbell: Charliethewhiteowl on 2nd July 2010 08:40 (UTC)
ljc: sexy geektaraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:06 (UTC)
ta very much!
cathexyscathexys on 2nd July 2010 13:06 (UTC)
She's perfect. *cuddles Abby*
ljc: all sonic'd uptaraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:06 (UTC)
I'm looking forward to finishing the custom, since I can do so much better on her now that the kinks have theoretically been worked out...
Lucycereta on 2nd July 2010 13:29 (UTC)
Wow, neat! She really looks like Abby!
ljc: ncis (gibbs abby love)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:06 (UTC)
As soon as I got the base doll (Trixie) I knew she had to be an Abby. her design just screamed Abby to me.
i'd like to teach the world to sing: Not!Gaila wordsizzyfics on 2nd July 2010 13:33 (UTC)
She really is perfect!
ljc: star trek (not!gaila)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:07 (UTC)
Yays! Ta very much!
brewsternorth: heavens to betsy!brewsternorth on 2nd July 2010 13:39 (UTC)
Wow, it's eerie, she really looks a *lot* like Abby/Pauley.
ljc: ncis (gibbs abby love)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:07 (UTC)
it's the make-up design. None of the other Diva headscupt doll look like Abby, but Trixie? Dead on.
eee1313 on 2nd July 2010 14:21 (UTC)
Who's a cute little forensic specialist doll? YOU'RE a cute little forensic specialist doll! Awwwwwww! I love it!

Seriously, GOOD JOB on this one. It's spot-on.
ljc: ncis (blam!)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:08 (UTC)
YAYS! I know this hobby is a bit terrifying, but the LOVE of the character and the doll... I'm addicted, you know? Abby makes EVERYONE smile.
Thistlethornthistlethorn on 2nd July 2010 15:06 (UTC)
Oh, that is an adorable and awesome Abby!
ljc: star trek (slash emergency)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:09 (UTC)
anodyna: st: spock pompomsanodyna on 2nd July 2010 16:37 (UTC)
So cute! You did a great job with her. And you worked out kinks, which is always so satisfying. Yay! *\o/*
ljc: scary doll person (uhura and gaila)taraljc on 2nd July 2010 18:10 (UTC)
Mostly have worked out kinks--the proof will be in constructing Abby #2! Reroot shall happen this week-end, and alas, I had to return the pivotal body I bought for it arrived defective (her legs fell off when I deboxed her. IT WAS DISTURBING) so have to wait for a new one.