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04 June 2010 @ 23:39
Been meaning to do this for a while...  

Don't tell me you haven't played it. I'll know you're lying. It would be a drinking game, except you'd be dead of alcohol poisoning by the 3rd episode of BSG.

(Well, kinda. I stole many names from the Ever Expanding list of "100 Working Actors In Canada" and left many--like my beloved Aaron Douglas--off due to space constraints. Or, you know, I could make 4 more Bingo Cards. But Callum Keith Rennie is ALWAYS the centre square.)
R.J. Anderson: First Fandomsrj_anderson on 5th June 2010 12:51 (UTC)
Heh. Clearly I am a Bad Canadian (or just a bad TV watcher, which is entirely possible) as I do not recognize more than a fifth of those names.

Meanwhile, Nigel Bennett is at Stratford this year (in their production of "Peter Pan"). I was flipping through my son's programme from the play and immediately went... "Waaaaaaait, I know that guy..." Which is funny because I actually never watched more than a few minutes of Forever Knight, but clearly he left an impression.
Valerie - Postmodern Pollyanna: O_Owiliqueen on 5th June 2010 14:18 (UTC)
:: checks Stratford website :: But whyfor Nigel is not Hook? Nigel should totally be Hook!

And he's very good at leaving an impression.
StClair: zoomcmdr_zoom on 5th June 2010 15:49 (UTC)
He is, and he really should be.