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04 June 2010 @ 23:39
Been meaning to do this for a while...  

Don't tell me you haven't played it. I'll know you're lying. It would be a drinking game, except you'd be dead of alcohol poisoning by the 3rd episode of BSG.

(Well, kinda. I stole many names from the Ever Expanding list of "100 Working Actors In Canada" and left many--like my beloved Aaron Douglas--off due to space constraints. Or, you know, I could make 4 more Bingo Cards. But Callum Keith Rennie is ALWAYS the centre square.)
Soufflé Girl Wannaberagdoll on 5th June 2010 05:35 (UTC)
And Gerent Wyn Davies (I know I just mangled his name - Forever Knight Dude). He's the only name actor who's shown up in Murdoch Mysteries so far.

You need more cards!

(Oh and Callum Keith Rennie? Must be several clones because CKR is EVERYWHERE!)

Edited at 2010-06-05 05:37 (UTC)