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14 May 2010 @ 17:32
because my flist knows all...  
Question for anyone on my flist who does doll customising--do Sakura gel glitter pens work for lip augments? Or does the ink bleed into the vinyl, even if you seal the entire face with matte sealant before you begin?
La Femme Crayolaannlarimer on 18th May 2010 21:32 (UTC)
You can use gel pens, BUT! it takes a certain amount of care.

1. Put down a layer of acrylic varnish or medium or whatever you use. Let it dry.

2. Do your gel pen stuff. Depending on the tetchiness of the pen, you may have to 'dot' the stuff on. Let it dry. Then let it dry more than you think it needs to dry. Then let it dry more.

3. Put another layer of acrylic varnish over it. You will need your teeniest brush, or a toothpick or pin, and you will have to put it on without the brush actually touching the gel ink so it doesn't smear.

4. Let it dry.

It might be easier to mix your own, with acrylic medium, paint, and interference medium.
ljc: scary doll person (star trek is for girltaraljc on 18th May 2010 21:34 (UTC)
I've had great results on the test doll thus far. Gonna try on my next Gaila, for sparkly lipstick. I did get some liquitex opal gem paint that has glitter, but it's not quite glittery *enough*, so I'm looking forward to trying with the gel pens next.

I actually have been using a darning needle to to fine work--making sure I'm not scratching/puncturing the vinyl.