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14 May 2010 @ 17:32
because my flist knows all...  
Question for anyone on my flist who does doll customising--do Sakura gel glitter pens work for lip augments? Or does the ink bleed into the vinyl, even if you seal the entire face with matte sealant before you begin?
ljc: star trek (gaila)taraljc on 15th May 2010 03:34 (UTC)
The main issue with the gel pens I'm discovering is that it flakes off really easily. I'm experimenting with gloss varnish over it, but I worry it's on too thick and won't dry :(

Edited at 2010-05-15 03:34 (UTC)
A Splash of Sass: Vulcan Gangsterschizoauthoress on 15th May 2010 12:33 (UTC)
When you say "on too thick" do you mean the gel pen or the varnish?

And have you thought about mixing the gel pan stuff with varnish? If you could get enough of it out of the pen, I mean.
ljc: scary doll person (star trek is for girltaraljc on 18th May 2010 21:35 (UTC)
The varnish.

Part of the issue with lip repaints is control. I have more control with the pen than I do a brush, which is why I'm giving the pens a try...