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'Ship Wars

So, 'Ship Wars is coming to a close this week at st_respect. And it's been one hell of a ride.

What's interesting is that, despite the word "War" in the name, it was really more like 'Ship Olympics. Each round, the teams would be given a prompt and specific length and format requirements. So it's not so much like a football match where you have fans of each team meeting under bridges to hit each other with pipes whilst singing "Blowing Tiny Bubbles" or anything. It's more like you would do if you were watching the Pair Skaters. You'd watch the short form, and long form, and you'd ooooh and aaaaah at the choreography and choice of music and costumes, and the skill displayed with the leaps and catches and spins and stuff. And even if you disagreed with the judges, you still enjoyed the experience of watching highly skilled people doing their very best in a chosen art form, on a grand global stage.

Team PikeOne really went into 'Ship Wars with one major objective: to sneakily seduce people with our pairing. Not seduce them away from their OTP. But to expose them to the awesome that is Pike/Number One and encourage them to check it out. Seeing as how a LOT of comments on our entries were from folks who'd never even seen "The Cage", or read exclusively slash, or hadn't come out of Star Trek (2009) thinking "I would hit that like the first of an angry god" re: The Greenwood, we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. We have a lot (well, for us, since our comm is tiny) of new people at pike_numberone thanks to 'Ship Wars, and we've had a complete BLAST participating in the wacky party posts full of macros and sparkletext, etc.

So in short: whatever you thought 'Ship Wars was going to be when you first heard about it, here's what it was for me personally. And I hope next time we do this, more folks will give it a shot. Because it's been a massive orgy of fun--even with the herding cats aspects, deadlines, tears and so on.
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