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04 May 2010 @ 12:30
FYI, I'm up for auction for debsliverlovers to help raised money for Deb Mensinger's liver transplant.
Rhi: don't dream it's over: feminismrhipowered on 4th May 2010 18:17 (UTC)
I didn't even know this was happening...I'm so out of it. Signal boosted.
ljc: star trek (pike fashion emergency)taraljc on 4th May 2010 18:18 (UTC)
I saw it at Ellen Kushner's LJ and thought "I have Mike prints!" and they sold in, like, 15 seconds, so I put up a second auction for fanworks.
Rhi: hardly ordinary: Merlinrhipowered on 4th May 2010 18:21 (UTC)
I love the Elemental Logic series, and I met Deb and Laurie at WisCon once. They were just great people and deserve all the help they can get.