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03 May 2010 @ 23:31
More Fun With Plastic People  

So, it's kinda sad when the wig costs more than the doll. However, unlike a reroot, the wig actually can be styled so it's got that awesome poof at the back just like Nichelle Nichols. The wig I actually got first, only I decided to try and cut and style the one dolls hair as an experiment, hence me ending up with, erm... 3 custom Uhuras. *facepalms*

I have to say, as much as I love the Model Muse body for its poses, and the Fashionista body for its poseability, the Rocawear Kara actually fills out Uhura Prime's uniform quite a bit better.

(more pics here)

As with the other custom, I'm most likely going to sell this one as well, cos, erm... as awesome as they each are, I don't need 3 custom Uhura Prime dolls. I mean, I want them. But I don't need them. So if you know someone who is dying for an Uhura Barbie to put up on a shelf and stare at while murmuring my preciousssssssssss OR to have Plastic Adventures like fighting the Gorn, flying the ship, conquering strange new worlds, or making out with Plastic Spock, or what have you, let them know I've got two for sale?

Also, since I stole her uniform for a different doll, I redressed Uhura in Barbie Basics #1's little black dress, for a night of Shore Leave.

Spock is not going to know what hit him.

(more pics here)

Lastly, yes, I know... I need to white balance my camera. I don't know how... yet.
ljc: scary doll person (trek is for girls)taraljc on 18th May 2010 20:10 (UTC)
Actually, I have been making customs on commission. I'm working on a Mirror Uhura right now for me, and just finished a Number One and a Gaila, and another bobbed haired TOS Uhura for a TOS Spock & Uhura set, all sold. I am also selling my custom McCoy and Chapel.

Were you interested in a custom? Cos I am LOVING working on them, but I can't really afford to keep making them for myself, so I've decided to make them for other people so I still have the challenge of modding the dolls, but it's not, well... keeping me from paying my mortgage ;)

(Deleted comment)
ljc: star trek (cartoon number one)taraljc on 18th May 2010 20:17 (UTC)
Well, for a Gaila, it's $100 including the shipping since. I repaint her lips, eyebrows, and her hair is a synthetic mohair wig rather than an actual reroot, just cos I found the perfect wig for the doll and am kinda sucky at reroots. And for a TOS Uhura, it's $85 with shipping, or $120 for a set of TOS Spock & Uhura together.

Which dolls were you interested in?