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why yes, I AM a scary doll person.

Anyone want to buy a custom TOS Uhura dol??

uhura 011

Long story short: I'm slowly but surely selling off ALL the spare/random Barbie and Jem bits and bobs I've acquired over the last few years, to try and undone some of the damage I've done to my bank account. I normally would put her up on ebay, but I figure Trek fans would be way more into her than Barbie collectors.

When I got this doll (2007 Holiday Barbie), I hadn't realised the eyes were green. Cos I am a GENIUS.

The rest of the pics are here.

uhura 042

In every other way, tho, she's an exact match for the Uhura doll Mattel put out this summer in terms of the skintone and face mould. She's wearing a genuine Barbie TOS Star Trek uniform from an anniversary boxset they put out years ago (which I've altered only with a few easily-removed basting stitches in the back since the Model Muse body is proportioned so differently from the classic twist-n-turn doll body) and accessories. I swapped out the boots with a pair of high-heeled black boots made for Model Muse dolls, but will include the original boots along with the 2009 Uhura stand. Also, I swapped the earrings for Rocawear Trichelle's earrings, since the ear piercings were large enough that the metallic earrings that came with the TOS fashion kept falling out and personally, I think the Rocawear earrings actually look better on TOS Uhura. Also, her hair is twisted into an up-do but hasn't been cut or styled with gel or anything. I just deboxed her, and styled her hair dry and fixed it in place with a small plastic hair tie.

Anyway, I'm looking to sell her for $75 (to cover the cost of the base doll, fashion, and accessories) plus shipping. Leave a comment if you're interested?
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